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do YOU like them?
plenty of places sell loafer socks.
i think ebay would be much better if all parties were required to send items directly to ebay, and have ebay ship them out. i wouldn't mind paying a slightly higher price for items for the extra built-in security.
for some reason i don't like my bucks to be TOO sleek/elongated
i also like the gold buttons.
i am in this group other than an e-IPS monitor purchase!
btw can anyoen provide me some measurements for the GAP white denim if they have them? since they're not in the stores around me, i'd like to size them up before attempting to purchase online. i'd like to know the: -rise of top block -hem width at bottom of leg any measurements for a waist size 29-33 should be OK, since they won't vary by more than 0.5" anyway. thanks in advance!
for those of you on a budget, here are some of the levi's 501's in white for $35: not sure what the differences are between the "fashion" and "deconstructed" model posted prior. from inspection of my pair it seems to me that they're a "snow white" color, not an off-white. i just picked these up myself and they look great for cheap, although i'm considering the gap ones since i'm on the shorter side so a lower rise...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Wish I lived in SF. +100
bumped for 10% price drop!
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