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i think i have at least 3
bump for price drop!
hi all! i know there are quite a number of photo enthusiasts on this board, so here's to you guys. for sale is a 50mm f 1.8 lens, the cheapest and classiest nikon lens that every nikon dSLR/SLR user should own. i recently upgraded to the 50/1.4 so i am now selling this one. it's in pristine condition, i would rate it a 9/10. a hoya filter has been kept in front of it since day 1 (bought in march 2008). comes with all manuals and papers, as well as both lens caps...
hands off i'm buying
hmm not feeling it
don't care for this line AT ALL
poor quality, and poor taste. try to do a search if you want more info. /thread
Not even if they were free.
i love him already
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