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lovin the RW GT's, GS!
sloped shoulders give the illusion of a non-well fitting jacket
haha this has turned into a food thread. i love food in general though, i feel like i should eat at least 5 meals a day while there. what's sad is that the gf eats more than i do. i've gotta fit into those SF clothes somehow...haha. anyone wanna meet up this weekend in honolulu?
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Remember that Leathersoul is in Hawaii, gotta check that out. When I was in HI, the best time I had was, interestingly, horse-back riding. Skip the whale watch, it's a waste of time. Half of time you are sea-sick, and you can't see shit anyway. i will look into horseback riding! definitely something i haven't done before either since i was 6 years old. Quote: Originally Posted by...
i'll be going to honolulu soon for a few days. i like really nature-y stuff, not so much of the malls and touristy things within the city. this will be my first time. i'll be visiting a few places, including diamondhead, hanauma bay, lanikai (eastside), PCC, pearl harbor, marketplace, KCC farmer's market, and some other smaller sights/sounds. my hawaiian food visits include rainbow's drive-in, alan wong's, helena's, and some smaller local places recommended by...
Thanks for the good words guys. Bump for price drop!
Quote: Originally Posted by Albern Based on the exterior sole measurements is this a 7.5 UK? (translates into 8 to 8.5 US - someone please correct me if I'm wrong) Also are these more or less NIB with the exception of some try ons at the store? Hi I believe these are size 7.5 US, since this is from the RL store which sizes their shoes in US sizes. Please correct me if I'm wrong though!
Hi all! For sale is a pair of size 7.5 Ralph Lauren Mccallums, shell cordovan shoes made by Crocket & Jones. There is a slight color difference between the vamps on the 2 shoes, which was why they were on sale in the first place I think (it is only in the area near the toebox as shown in the pictures, the rest of the shoes matches perfectly). The color difference is made more apparent by the lighting I used, and way less noticeable indoors (the last photo shows the...
i hope i never become you. no offense.
finally i can come out to public with mine!
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