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lovin' the obamamobile
your suit jackets still don't look good.
it makes extra sense with the super low GBP!
i think you're over reaching with the changing feedback comment, it's picky buyers like ruin ebay. the end product was good like you said, and that should be that. how was the seller supposed to know whether or not it had been previously altered? did it ever occur to you that the seller was not the original owner and had bought it from elsewhere to resell? it took a tailor who took it apart to see the pre-existing changes, i highly, highly doubt a reseller would know to...
shoes are so tempting! price is not =( guess i will have to secretly wait for a price drop before i crazily send off a PM!
i sometimes find that asians will look more awkward in hats due to the fact that asian heads are usually larger in proportion to their bodies than caucasians. i myself being an asian, have struggled a bit with this in the past, with fedoras making me look unusually top-heavy. however, this is something very subtle and probably only myself notice/am self-conscious, since i am also on the shorter side with a large head (mafoofan stylez).
very nice. who is the maker?
Quote: Originally Posted by rexor12 Yes jantzen is fast now again, 2 weeks for my latest order from order date to delivery. And for the order before i didnt get a confirmation, so i emailed one week after the order date and jantzen apologized and sent out my shirts 2 day later by express delivery so i had the shirts 3 days later by courier delivery. Really nice wow, never heard of this. i've had late replies and apologies before, but never...
i like as well. bookmarked, thanks!
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