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maybe if you were an extra in barry lyndon?
at least some people understand that SF is a virtual reality. it's kind of sad that some others are still advocating SF brands when he clearly mentioned $250 as big money that he'd like to save. dropbeats - it's not the best, or close to it, but you'll be fine. if you are near a thrfit store, try that. or ebay, if you have the time for later interviews. good luck.
stop making threads and use the search button
i love ankle boots! blasphemous! looks great with jeans too
Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone looks like he's about to have a heart attack. hahahaha
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula I'd have to say something is wrong with your monitor. They jacket is gray the pants are black and shirt is polkadotted. originally i was viewing on my old laptop without glasses on. now, switching over to my imac cinema screen monitor, calibrated to sRGB 2.2, standard for photo and design editing, the jacket has a tint of green as sampled by photoshop CS4. Quote: Originally Posted by...
you cannot be serious. this is one of the worst possible pattern/color combinations i've ever seen. it looks like a blind 70 year old hippie woman put it together. burgundy shoes + mismatched belt is bad enough, but navy trousers (or even worse, black) + some weird busy floral print + thrifted looking greenish jacket? WTF? on the bright side, though, the fit is OK.
Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone Wow... to whoever buy that suit, I hope it will last a long time. it won't. look at what they're made of.
i also think it looks fine, and that you are too nitpicky. you're not a static model, when you move the coat moves as well, there is no such thing as perfection. wear it in good health and enjoy it!
wait, what? i JUST saw this thread today...not sure about tomorrow though. the last one was fun, but mostly hung out with SW&D. this time seems more like MC.
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