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I wouldn't necessary say it looks better, as compared to a completely straight across type of lacing where you cannot see the diagonals underneath. I think a classic criss-cross pattern looks (and fits) best in my eyes...
Is the shirt white? If the cleaners can't get the stain off and the shirt's white you can always try bleach (not the best for fabric but better than having to throw it away!)
Thanks for the response! for Kuhlmans and Gian both are "bespoke" with caveats - both are not done in house, and they wouldn't reveal their source(s). while not necessarily a bad thing it does set off an alarm. they both let you customize many options, including my questioning for lapel width, curl, button stance, shoulder roping, outsourced full canvas, structuring, etc. While i know there are more parts to a jacket than these, i'll have to say that probably only these 2...
Actually I goofed - it's supposed to be at $2k prices, not $1k! I've used Hartmann for a bit but I thought he only did MTM? Edgein - are you also talking about Hartmann?
any advice anyone?
Hi all, I haven't posted here in a while now, glad to see the new changes and thriving community that's still here! I'm looking into a Seattle area bespoke tailor to make my wedding tux, and it seems like there are only 2 choices - Gian and Kuhlman. I can find plenty of info on Gian, both good and bad, however I can't seem to find anything on Kuhlman. I talked to him a few months ago and he seems to know all of the various "test" questions I posed to him to test his...
DSW has beeswax/sand suede for approximately $60. Even less if you can find one of their frequent % off coupons.
liking his stuff! nice for the spring indeed, maybe 1 or 2 pieces in your personal collection. anything more than that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett On the contrary, linen wrinkles like crazy. Certainly more than cotton. i think he was kidding (or at least i hope so)
Quote: Originally Posted by wj2009 the measurements are more like a 34S. p2p 17.5"? I might have messed up on that measurement...I will re-take it in a few days, but it is definitely a 36R. Thanks!
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