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Fall '14 Santoni Amari at select Nordstrom
Beach Bum, Terry looks good but fit isn't the best honestly.
iznljca, Any good shoemaker will be able to work on them without a hitch. You'd probably be saving tons of money too, refurbs used to cost at least 3-4 times what a reputable cobbler would be have been charging, and this was when they stopped offering the service 3 years ago. I'm sure it would have been more now.
Don't have to wear suits in my new role.
Here's another pair, which unfortunately I don't get to wear too often nowadays. The Stafford:
Item #370865 on
scayt, Give a call, or chat. Should be no issues. We won't be undersold. Alternatively, you can find them marked down on on 12/26. I may get myself a pair actually. For now I will grab the Dorado shearling sneakers.
Patrick in black is a classic! Could never go wrong. I see that you're slowly building your arsenal! Here's a pair that's been on heavier rotation this month, the Virgil-S8: On Instagram:
sestyle, It definitely doesn't get worn often but interesting enough for me to add to the collection
Won't be everyone's cup of tea, my latest Santoni: A few others on Instagram:
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