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Hello, I was just inspecting a few jackets I have (a Suitsupply Napoli and a J. Crew Ludlow) and I believe it is known that both of these are half canvassed. However, when I do the pinch test it seems like the outside wool layer is lightly attached to the chest piece but able to be pulled apart and then you can feel the floating chest. This is the same for both jackets. I know neither of these are high end, but is there a reason the layers are lightly attached? Does...
Thanks for all the help. I will try to get some pictures up. My shirts do fit well, so i do not think that is the issue.
Hello, So I have finally hit a dead end on fixing this problem. I have tried on multiple jackets/suits including the following: Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Suitsupply Washington Suitsupply Napoli Polo Ralph Lauren Ehaberdasher Benjamin J crew Ludlow No matter what suit/jacket I try on, I always seem to have gap in the collar. The shoulders and chest on all these jackets fit me very well, but I can't seem to get away from the gap. I have tried on multiple sizes to see if...
Measurements added.
Hello, Up for sale are 4 pairs of Brooks Brothers Bermuda Shorts in size 32. These shorts have an 11" inseam. I purchased them all at the tail end of summer last year and due to working out they are now too small for me. The colors are as follows: 1) Faded red (I guess they would be classified as nantucket red) 2) Pink 3) White 4) Navy The pink pair still has the tags and have never been worn. The other pairs have been worn only a few times and are practically brand...
Suitsupply Washington from last year
Hello Tailors, Thanks for all the help and feedback in this thread, Just reading through it helps me learn about various issues/fixes I feel like this jacket fits me pretty well, but I seem to have some collar gap at the back of the neck that is fairly noticeable most of the time. It also feels like it is sitting low on my collar. Do you see anything that could be causing the collar gap? Any other suggestions?
Hello, For sale is a pair of BNWT Unbranded UB 301 Straight Fit in Grey Rigid. The measurements are as follows: Waist: 16.75" Rise: 10.5" Inseam: ~34" Hem: 8.75 Please feel free to ask any questions.
Hello, Looking for some suggestions for nice dress pants/khaki's that have an 8.5" opening (17" overall). I find most higher end pants are 8-8.25 and those are just a bit too slim for me. Any suggestions would be great!
Any particular models at these places that you went with?
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