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^lol The Church's thing was just an example. Actually the thread that Marcellionheart linked to was quite informative; it seems I'm not the only one who's noticed prices of good men's shoes in Toronto totally out of line with normal levels in the rest of the world. Will probably wait for next trip to London or NYC to get nice shoes, and just pick up some semi-decent ones locally in the meantime. Will check Harry Young and Brooks Brothers.
Yeah, Harry Rosen and Holt Renfrew were the first places I went, and I was very disappointed with both selection and price. Walked around that area and found nothing useful. Neither Holt, Rosen or any of the other stores near Bay and Bloor had any Church's (they said they just don't stock them), and both seemed to have their prices way out of control (could easily save hundreds on by ordering from US/UK, even after shipping costs, foreign exchange fees, and import...
Is there an spot in Toronto where there are several stores which collectively provide a generous selection of decent (Florsheim) to nice (Church's, Allen Edmonds etc) within short walking distance? I was thinking Queen/King and Yonge might have be ok for this, but don't want to spend an hour getting there and be disappointed. I am not familiar with shopping in Toronto. Thanks.
Can anyone comment on the width/lacing? How 'closed' is a closed-lace shoe supposed to be? From the pics it seems to be quite open, as though the shoe isn't wide enough for the foot? I thought laces on a closed lace shoe were supposed to close completely, but I am not 100% sure...
Amsterdam red light district (aka 'Little England'). A sad sight, but makes me more appreciative of what I have.
Generally, bottom of the bridge isn't supposed to rest on the nose. Often the frames are a bit thicker where the glasses meet the nose, (on either side, right about where they are meeting her nose) in order to make it more comfortable. There are probably exceptions but I'd say she's got it right for the glasses she's wearing.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower You didn't go to the Naked Poutine Wrestling old the old city section? Link please!
I have a Canadian passport and an EU passport. Currently working on paperwork for a third one, from a Caribbean tax haven (by descent). Ideally I'd like to get a fourth once I get married and can apply for wife's country passport. IMO more passports = more freedom for the individual. So far having just two has been quite useful since I've been able to work in several European countries visa free, the US visa-free (NAFTA professional) and Canada visa-free. Also...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cognacad I have partied in Montreal and it is sick, no doubt. Is it sicker than Amsterdam or Ibizza? No. Still though, not many places in North America that could beat it consistently for a great time. Ibiza is a bit extreme, but Barcelona is where university students in Amsterdam go to party... North America ... other than New York, it seems like there is so much car culture that you can't just get off the...
Yes Montreal is vastly overrated. Save up and go someplace better next time. Such as Amsterdam or Barcelona.
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