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Kind of surprised to see so many sizes of the tan horsehide derby still available on viberg.com. Those would be instakop for me if I didn't already own the service boot.
I picked up the Black Unicorn Service Boots as well, and they are definitely better IRL than I expected. The flat welt looks great, too.
Thanks, Fok.
Can anyone comment on the thickness of the black "unicorn" leather vs. say CXL? Or is it closer to calf?
Thanks for posting this! To my surprise,I think I like Olive better. Is the olive chromepak leather gone for good?
I'd prefer no pull tab and blind eyelets for this makeup, and probably would vote for the 2030 last although 1035 would not be a deal-breaker.Here are the pics of the sample as posted in the other thread. @LA Guy - is the beige cafe lighter than this olive Guidi?
I dig the "sample inspired" derby. I already have the tan horse service boots so personally would lean towards the beige cafe.
Me too, don't quite understand the 1035 hate. Tan horsehides:
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