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Can anyone comment on the thickness of the black "unicorn" leather vs. say CXL? Or is it closer to calf?
Thanks for posting this! To my surprise,I think I like Olive better. Is the olive chromepak leather gone for good?
I'd prefer no pull tab and blind eyelets for this makeup, and probably would vote for the 2030 last although 1035 would not be a deal-breaker.Here are the pics of the sample as posted in the other thread. @LA Guy - is the beige cafe lighter than this olive Guidi?
I dig the "sample inspired" derby. I already have the tan horse service boots so personally would lean towards the beige cafe.
Me too, don't quite understand the 1035 hate. Tan horsehides:
February 2014 order, 2 jackets 1 dvskei 2 chenm0416 3 Feji 4 MickeyPunch 5 StPauli 6 reallypeacedoff 7 wklq76a 8 FireGX 9 RetroFuture 10 Spaghettimatt 11 Nolvadex 12 flipster 13 TheObserver 14 bakasam 15 Death24xASecond 16 Demure 17 veekta 18 SuperFamicom 19 pyroxyze 20 ninopwns 21 Danay 22 jim_n 23 segrantz 24 jacobs412 25 Rommel 26 speeed 27 wholeeoh 28 raspberryjam 29 overtone 30 oldfashionedbc 31 povatix 32 pandazzz 33 SurakiCrim 34 tunneler 35 Hokuto 36 basil...
Quoted for awesomeness. Damn.
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