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Mike- are there any plans to restock the Salinger in calf? If not, is it possible to special order?
I would as well. 42L would be ace.
This is fantastic.
^^ I iron my dress shirts and steam casual shirts. I've found that I need the iron to make collars and cuffs look right on the dress shirts.
THIS. +1000
Me too. The peacoat and suede harrington are my current TOJ regrets.
These are great! Nice pickup.I think the cuffs look good with that fabric, but not sure if the white taping works.
^^ one of my favorite Alden makeups. I wear mine as much as I can.
The 1705 denim is definitely not as hairy as the 15.7 oz used on the vintage labels. I'm thinking about having my 1705's tapered a bit. Can anyone recommend a good shop that will accept mail-in? I don't have a local tailor that I would trust for this.
New Posts  All Forums: