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Quoted for awesomeness. Damn.
This. I'm not a fan of how the Goodyear welt looks on the Service Boot.
I am in the same situation, need to submit measurements for two jackets ordered Feb 14.
What size?
I take size 10 in both, and the 2030 is about 1/4" longer than the Barrie.
All this talk about the 110 has me intrigued. How does the 110 compare with the 2045? Both in terms of fit and "look"? The 2030 is a perfect fit for me, while the 2045 in the same size is a bit loose, with some heel slip. Curious how the 110 would compare.
Navy latigo looks awesome! I really like it with the brass eyelets.
I remember Drew or Charly saying a while back that something like 90% of ToJ's customers do not need MTM and would fit just fine into the stock sizes. So I never understood why Drew didn't go this route once it became clear that there was sufficient demand for his products. As someone who does need MTM, I would have gladly paid an upcharge.
Hi Kiya, any plans to restock the SG 1109 jean? Looking for size 34.
Waiting is only stressful if you let it be. I'm at 1 yr on 2 jackets, and while I'd rather have them sooner than later, I'm not exactly in "hell" right now.
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