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Sorry for the noob question, but how does the black calf differ from black CXL?
Or any of Synthese's write-ups.I remember when I bought my first TOJ (the original bomber) back in late 2009. Ordered through Drew directly and it took 4 weeks. At the time I thought I was taking this huge risk sending money to some dude in Korea, lol
Agree, love the burgundy hopsack. Was a bit unsure about the color at first, but find myself wearing them more and more often. The hopsack is really comfortable, too.
+1. Anyone know what leather this is?
Mike - any plans to restock a snuff suede belt?
Mike - how does the G&L twill compare with the regiment twill that you used for the Walts a year or two ago? I have a pair of those, but looking for something a little lighter weight/more breathable.
Order placed.
This is kind of a noob question, but how well suited is the kudu leather for a warmer climate (Texas, in my case)?
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