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Those look great! Nice makeup.
Kopped the knit track pants, I am strangely excited about these.
Can't wait to get my hands on the kudu!!
but if one wanted a sure thing, with no uncertainty.....the answer is GENTLEMEN'S SHIT KICKER! amirite?
Which is why it would be helpful to understand what this "new" chromepak looks like. Brown vs greenish is a material consideration for me.
I'm really interested in the chromepak makeup, but not sure I can commit without seeing a swatch of the leather. I'm hoping the new chromepak is more brown than green, like this:Rather than these:
Would like to see an example of the leather, but assuming it is brown and not greenish, I'd be in for this too.
Sorry for the noob question, but how does the black calf differ from black CXL?
Or any of Synthese's write-ups.I remember when I bought my first TOJ (the original bomber) back in late 2009. Ordered through Drew directly and it took 4 weeks. At the time I thought I was taking this huge risk sending money to some dude in Korea, lol
New Posts  All Forums: