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Agree, love the burgundy hopsack. Was a bit unsure about the color at first, but find myself wearing them more and more often. The hopsack is really comfortable, too.
+1. Anyone know what leather this is?
Mike - any plans to restock a snuff suede belt?
Mike - how does the G&L twill compare with the regiment twill that you used for the Walts a year or two ago? I have a pair of those, but looking for something a little lighter weight/more breathable.
Order placed.
This is kind of a noob question, but how well suited is the kudu leather for a warmer climate (Texas, in my case)?
Guy - any plans for a restock on the Boondocker? Can't believe my size is already gone.
Excited about the Boondocker restock. Is sizing on the 2045 last similar to 2030 (ie, order same size as Alden Barrie/Trubalance) ?
New Posts  All Forums: