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Another before/after example of dubbing
After how much I ate today, I am very thankful for the greatness that is Epaulet's track pants.
Those look great! Nice makeup.
Kopped the knit track pants, I am strangely excited about these.
Can't wait to get my hands on the kudu!!
but if one wanted a sure thing, with no uncertainty.....the answer is GENTLEMEN'S SHIT KICKER! amirite?
Which is why it would be helpful to understand what this "new" chromepak looks like. Brown vs greenish is a material consideration for me.
I'm really interested in the chromepak makeup, but not sure I can commit without seeing a swatch of the leather. I'm hoping the new chromepak is more brown than green, like this:Rather than these:
Would like to see an example of the leather, but assuming it is brown and not greenish, I'd be in for this too.
New Posts  All Forums: