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Multiple personalities for multiple denims. Yo! Check out my Skitzo Fadez.
Well, essentially they are not. But in terms of fit, yes they are almost identical.
Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Really interesting read.
Well. It wasn't exactly how you stated it too. But we both get the point, I assume.
@AALLJJPP Well. Indigo doesn't really wash of... It's abrasion that detoriates indogo dye. Not the water. Also. Like I stated. It's the wear vs. wash ratio that achieves high contrast fades. So in fact you can achieve high contrast fades even if you decide to wash early or even pre-wear. It's the amount of wear in between washes that determines the outcome. You are also contradicting your own words by stating the washing machine method loses more indigo than a soak....
If you lose any indigo on a fresh pair of raws it is excess indigo. Cotton threads are dyed multiple times untill the yarns can't hold more indigo. Due to oxidation of the dye the denim gets the color. Deeper blue means more dips.Indigo is insoluble in water. It won't just run off.
Soaking does indeed preserve more of the indigo and starch compared to a machine wash. Also due agition within the washing machine and the temperature of the water, denim is likely to shrink more.But it has nothing to do with the ability of achieving high contrast fades. Fades and especially high contrast ones are a result of the amount of wear in a certain time before a wash. If you wear hard before washing, be it by machine or hand, wear will show. Even denim washed...
You know that often slim tapered jeans taper from the knee to the leg opening, do you? What do you think happens, when you shorten the leg from knee to hem? The hem gets wider... So, no, they aren't going to magically taper again after a wash.
No, AI doesn't stand for All Indigo. It is a reference to a period in Japanese history which describes the art of dying textiles with natural indigo, so called Edo Ai.
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