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While I agree with IIIrd for most of the info he's providing here, I can say that the 0201 can be sized down one. It depends a bit on your build. But they again. I can go TTS on a pair of 0701's, which I do not recommend.
Momo 0701 post handwash
They look great!
Momo 0701 PBJ XX-007
0701 is TTS. I sized down one and I wouldn't recommend it. 0201 you can size down one easily.
What makes you say 0701's are One Wash? Sure, they come in One Wash also, but most of the 0701's sold, are raw.
I would go with BOW measurements. Japanese manufacturers often measure jeans different than the BIG method.
It probably is some leftover starch, which gets "reactivated" after washing. You could opt to wash them thouroughly, as in agitating the fabric and rinse them afterwards, so the starch comes out of the fabric.
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