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Momo 0701 post handwash
They look great!
Wow. That BOM pair looks amazing.
Momo 0701 PBJ XX-007
0701 is TTS. I sized down one and I wouldn't recommend it. 0201 you can size down one easily.
What makes you say 0701's are One Wash? Sure, they come in One Wash also, but most of the 0701's sold, are raw.
I would go with BOW measurements. Japanese manufacturers often measure jeans different than the BIG method.
It probably is some leftover starch, which gets "reactivated" after washing. You could opt to wash them thouroughly, as in agitating the fabric and rinse them afterwards, so the starch comes out of the fabric.
Edit: Load of crap here, because I didn't read correct. The cigarette slim is a different cut. Higher rise, somewhat straight slim cut. The XX-013 is a slim tapered cut. Lower rise opposed to the XX-015 and a taper from knee down. A soak or wash will get everything back into "when new" status, might be that there will be some residual shrinkage, but don't expect much (this due to the industrial laundering process). So the only way to make the hems smaller, is indeed to...
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