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I can read perfectly fine. In fact, I allready did. I just can't help you asking for something that in theory just does not exist.Anyway... Since you're into a Dioresque fit (If I understood correctly) I would look for a slim tapered fit. The Somet 003 was mentioned before, but I guess if you need more taper (since the 003 is almost a straight cut), you should venture towards the 008. Might be a bit tight for your liking, but it ticks all boxes. Low rise, slim fit, tapered...
The point that you don't seem to understand is that a straight cut does not taper. I'm not discussing fits here. There are a shitload of them. Wide/loose, tight/skinny, relaxed/fitted or slim. Whatever one's wants to call them. And then you have some variations, like for instance straight, tapered or flared/bootcut. So a wide straight cut, indeed is a more generously cut fit, which due to this has a somewhat roomier topblock and a - here it comes - a straight leg, whereas...
Dude. There is no such thing as skinny, straight or wide tapering. Just full taper, which starts at the upper leg and a taper from knee down. How excessive the taper eventually is, does not matter (might be that's where the name is coming from), but in fact whenever a taper is applied you can't speak of a straight cut anymore. The topblock has nothing to do with this. Tapered (or not) only applies to the legs of a fit/cut.So straight fits do not taper. Hard isn't it? Since...
A low straight cut with a taper? You know that a fit which features a taper normally isn't a straight cut and straight cuts do not taper, hence the name straight cut.In other words, you are asking for something that doesn't exist. A tapered fit is a tapered fit.
Rofl. They look fine SBB.
I guess the WG cut is not suited for you. I would search for a cut with a somewhat higher rise or better waist, rise, thigh ratio. Little differences can make a huge difference in how the topblock fits.
They almost look black due to the circumstances the pictures have been taken in. Good luck selling those *Rubs his hands because of having a good fitting pair of 007's*
Most waistbands are vanity sized because of a lower rise, essentially making the jeans sit more on your hip, rather then around the natural waist. While this is not always the case, it's absolutely ridiculous to size down on a cut if the cut isn't suited for your body in the first place. This is what makes "big athletic guys" turn into sausages stuffed in a cotton "can", so to speak. Just pick a fit that is complimentary to your physique and size accordingly.
Vanity sizing has absolutely nothing to do with the fact if a cut is appropriate for someone or not.I suggest you leave jeans 101 for what it is, because you don't get it either.
I would pick up the Okayama Spirits, from all the jeans you've listed. I would look into Japan Blue too, if I were you.
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