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Mostly because of the difference in methods of measurement. Or difference because of One Wash vs. Raw.BiG has to import the denims, so offcourse it's going to be a bit more pricey. Tax, customs etc. Denimio is situated in Japan so doing business is easier and less expensive. This is reflected in the pricetag.
Shoot Jay an e-mail (sales@blueowl.us) or visit his shop in person or online at blueowl.us. Jay can work something out for you, I'm sure.
1. No, it doesn't stand out. I have to smack someone in the face with it before they notice it. Though on the deep indigo it stands out more because of the greater contrast between fabric and inseam/selvage.2. On par. Momotaro's are a great piece of craftmanship.3. No. But I don't like the new models anyway. Vintage Label is where it is at.
005 is slim fit indigo slub denim. 013 is the same but in a tapered fit. 011 is tapered fit featuring LHT fabric.Denimio is a well respected store by the way. Used to be 2nd (if I'm not mistaken)Edit: El_Argentino beat me to it.
Your opinion has nothing to do with the facts I stated.
You pick a cut because a: it suits your build/bodytype, b: you like it. If b is the reason you size up, because a isn't an option then you should look for something else. Sizing up or down doesn't help to change a cut.
No. It will be not. It will only stretch and the fabric will soften over time. It might drape better on the leg area. But a topblock that is too roomy will not get better over time.
What the fuck is wrong with everyone quoting pictures a gazillion times. Just edit the quote, not much of a hassle and keeps the tread tidy.
Fit looks horrible, most noticably the topblock. There is excess fabric all around the place.
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