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Your opinion has nothing to do with the facts I stated.
You pick a cut because a: it suits your build/bodytype, b: you like it. If b is the reason you size up, because a isn't an option then you should look for something else. Sizing up or down doesn't help to change a cut.
No. It will be not. It will only stretch and the fabric will soften over time. It might drape better on the leg area. But a topblock that is too roomy will not get better over time.
What the fuck is wrong with everyone quoting pictures a gazillion times. Just edit the quote, not much of a hassle and keeps the tread tidy.
Fit looks horrible, most noticably the topblock. There is excess fabric all around the place.
Monster selvage equals slub, isn't it? Nice looking fabric.
The 0702 was a bit undersized. I had a pair also and sized up from the size I had in the 0701. Not sure if the same apllies for the 0202, but the 0201 can be sized down one easily. I think your good if you go TTS in that pair (the size 30 for the 0202 that is).
Do it...You know you want to...
Good fit. Though a size down would have been possible.
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