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Most waistbands are vanity sized because of a lower rise, essentially making the jeans sit more on your hip, rather then around the natural waist. While this is not always the case, it's absolutely ridiculous to size down on a cut if the cut isn't suited for your body in the first place. This is what makes "big athletic guys" turn into sausages stuffed in a cotton "can", so to speak. Just pick a fit that is complimentary to your physique and size accordingly.
Vanity sizing has absolutely nothing to do with the fact if a cut is appropriate for someone or not.I suggest you leave jeans 101 for what it is, because you don't get it either.
I would pick up the Okayama Spirits, from all the jeans you've listed. I would look into Japan Blue too, if I were you.
Each denim will shrink a certain amount, will it be sanforized, unsanforized, one washed. This has to do with the characteristics of the cotton yarns, which tighten up due to heat/drying after being washed. Since the yarns are intertwined in two directions (weft and weave) the fabric gets tighter. This is all temporary. Not going into the process of how sanforization works etc. and the fact that one fabric shrinks more than another, but when it comes to cotton... All that...
Unfade? Aren't you mistaken for the reverse fade denim?
True, but mostly at an increased price than the normal sizes. Guess this has to do with special ordering bigger sizes. You could always opt to measure your best fitting jeans (waist, front rise, backrise, thigh, knee, hem, inseam length, especially the first three since these make up how the topblock fit according to your waist. E.g. If you have a short front rise, the waist normally is larger since the jean sits lower on your upper body) and then send the measurements to...
So? A pair of jeans fits if the cut is appropriate for your physique/build. Sizing down because every one says so doesn't make a jean that doesn't suit your build, fit better.
ROFLMAO!You sir, should size accordingly, instead of sizing down on a cut that does not suit you.
Most N&F denim is sanforized, so they won't shrink that much. Just a few are unsanforized, but those mainly are special models/collabs.Most of the times that the waist is oversized is to compensate room for a low(er) rise.
Why the fuck are you quoting yourself multiple times?
New Posts  All Forums: