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The waist will most like stretch back to raw measurements. Areas like the thighs etc, will be harder to stretch. This is because of the waistband being sewn on an angle of 90 degrees opposed to the rest of the jeans. Stretch in the legs will mostly be lengtwise (e.g.pulling the hems when wet to stretch the inseam).
Momotaro's are a tight weave indeed. You can get some stretch in the waist but don't expect wonders.
You could size down one for a trimmer fit.
Thighs on the 0701 are hard/close to impossible to stretch. It would take prolonged wear to notice a different. I sized down in my 0701's and would not recommend it unless you know what you are doing. TTS is your best bet.
While I agree with IIIrd for most of the info he's providing here, I can say that the 0201 can be sized down one. It depends a bit on your build. But they again. I can go TTS on a pair of 0701's, which I do not recommend.
Momo 0701 post handwash
They look great!
Momo 0701 PBJ XX-007
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