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I would give all my money for a purple full zip fisherman.
I agree with the Engineering degree followed by an MBA down the road. If your legitimately interested in financial engineering then your going to need a masters degree (in financial engineering) instead of two bachelors.
Thanks Oboy
exactly what I wore today expect red marled socks instead of blue.
If anyone's looking to sell a full zip fisherman size small/med(If triple) let me know.
Does anyone know if the full zip fisherman knit is similar to weight of the stark? IE, I know the fang is heavier but I am not sure where the fisherman stands.
Does anyone know how similar Ludlow Suit Pants fit to urban slim fit pants? I am worried the suit pants might have a fuller cut to them.
holla triple purp handsies
I graduated from a fairly no name state school with >3.5 GPA with an Econ/Fin degree. I wasn't even graduated yet before I had a full time position with the army corps of engineers as an economist. My only regret was similar to the above, as I wish I would have taken more programming courses. I work with SQL/SAP databases on a regular basis and a familiarity in programming would have gone a long way.
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