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First off I personally love my full zip fish even more than my stark. I have last years fisherman and it fits TTS, although it doesn't have as much stretch as the stark. Like all SNS it fits slim through the body and arms.
I'm a little late to the MacAlister's convo, but i've owned a oiled leather pair for 2-3 years now and have never had a quality problem. While I haven't sloshed through snow or rain the construction seems to be holding up and the leather with a initial rub of mink oil has developed a nice little patina. My expectations in buying JCrew branded footwear is not quality so therefore I do not care about the origin. The only reason I initially bought them was because I found... thank god for 30% can finally afford these
Yeah I size down 0.5 for barrie, trubalance, modified.
Natural or brown chromexcel for a boot? I cant decide.
Yeah most of sns is unisex. Besides obviously the skirts.
I think I almost like this paragon edition better than unionmade.
Are these still available?
Sites with SNS sales: 20% off with code BLACK20 25% off all orders. No code needed. Free Shipping with COLORFUL 11/23 only 30% off: BLACKFRIDAY2012 EDIT: seems this code has already expired.
The only lace problem I have with my speed hooks is my cat chewing through them
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