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Last bump before ebay.
I store all my mid to heavy weight knits in a tupperware plastic bin for two reasons.1) Hanging heavier knits can disfigure the garment (as mentioned before).2) Airtight containers keep away insects such as clothing moths (named so because they eat wool)....And for the super paranoid, 3) Throw a cedar block into your storage area as the sent detracts the above moths as well.
Yeah looks alright, but $285 price point is way too high. (Even with 20%VAT)
Yeah its from Unionmade, and is incredibly warm. The scarf weighs close to 2 pounds and it feels like a blanket thrown around your neck. I was skeptical about the itch factor because my girlfriend owns the naval wool scarf from SNS and its not uncomfortable but definitely has a rougher feel. This cable scarf is not itchy and is in fact a little soft.
Massive scarf is massive.
Measurements per request Shoulders: 17 inches Pit to Pit: 21.5 inches Midsection: 20 inches Waist: 22 inches Front Length: 27 inches Sleeve Length: 25 inches Price Drop
Had the weirdest dream last night that my TOJ arrived and when I opened up the box it was a package filled with my clothes that I had thrown away and my neighbor collected and shipped back to me.
Yeah seems too good to be true given the information provided.
By pure weight:Fang (1.4kg) > Stark (1.2kg) > Fisherman (1.0kg)
Looking for a toj moto 2011 brown between size 46-48. Prefer calf two pocket, no collar. Willing to pay between $400-650 depending on size/mods/animal/condition. Only interested in buying for a couple weeks or else i'll just send in an order. Thanks.
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