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I had a couple questions about the beef roll camp mocs with chromepak soles. Hopefully you guys may be able to help. 1) If I go MTO and get natty CXL, would the chromepak sole change colors too? The pictures make it look like a stock color. 2) Does anyone know how chromepak holds up in moisture? I'm not talking about anything extreme, just walking around after it rains.
Any idea when Navy Label OCBD blue/white will be restocked for small/x-small?
Well unfortunately I have determined this shirt to be a tad too small for me after wearing it to the office for a half day. I love this shirt and as soon as this one sells I'll be buying it again in medium. I have washed it once in cold water (measurements haven't changed from Epaulet, see the measurement photo). Comes with original box and hang tag. Epaulet measurements (SMALL): Chest - 19" Sleeves from Back - 35" Sleeves from Shoulder - 25.5" Collar - 15.5" Shoulder...
Thanks for the feedback guys, I guess the shoulder creases are from the high arm holes? It doesn't feel too tight in the shoulders, even though it looks like it.
Sloppy cut and paste but none the less my first epaulet shirt (lavender oxford) in small. I am 5'11 155 pound for reference and this shirt is definitely slim (or maybe I am not adjusted to a real shirt). The cloudy day and camera do not do the color on the fit pic justice.
First ever epaulet purchase is a lavender oxford, hopefully I don't get the bug or else I'll have to replace the rest of my shirts.
Go for Alden. Your acquiring more than a quality boot, but a fraternity of brothers.
I noticed this too, but Latvia isn't a 16 plane ride to a third world county. Latvia is just a short boat ride over the Baltic sea, so i'm not too worried about it. Just sounds like the fabric is spun in Denmark and then shipped to Latvia for production.Still makes me question this "elite" group of old guys that sign the hang tags. Do the knits get sent back for a quality check or are the guys located in Latvia?
i would make babies with Soren Skyt and then make him pay child support in knits. (i hope he reads this)
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