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Totally agree
Arrived about a month ago - brown calf 2 zip Sleeves are slightly longer than what the image shows.
Same here, I went online last week to order a MTO white oxford and was confused when I didn't see anything.
Has the leather trim options always been apart of the barbour modifications available on the website? I sent my bedale back last year to have the sleeves lengthened and do not remember all the added options. I don't even need leather trims, but I may just trim on trim on trim.,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00147_Color=NAVY&contentpos=6&cgid=0494 Suuuper cheap boots if anyone wears a 9D
According to Adele the fabric is correct. I threw it in a hot wash to see if anything changes, as there isn't much to lose at this point. I am interested to see how the fabric on yours feels.
Did anyone else get their MTO order yet? While my blue oxford came out perfect, my lavender oxford feels very thin and has a heavy sheen to it that my last lavender oxford didn't have. Additionally I ordered horn resin buttons and it came with pearl. These pictures are straight outta the box, and the lavender seems to be missing the meat that the blue one has. My intention with this comment was to see if the lavender just needs a wash to break in or if I need to send...
I believe it's for everyone or most at least. I received tracking on the two MTO shirts I ordered and they will be arriving tomorrow.Edit: Mike now answers this above.
Awesome, can't wait for my calf moto as well. Only a few more weeks.
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