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Yeah great deal on some boots, but I'm with ferg needing a 10.5.
I love my king cap toes as well, but I think I would have enjoyed them even better if they were from my GF.
+1 for preorders.
oxblood blend is hot
+1 to the pelt liner. After taking it off, its hard to believe you can live without it once the temps start dropping. sure how legit the page is, but it provides what seems to be accurate bio's of the shell colors.Anyway to answer your question, #4 has half the amount of dye that #8 has, and is therefore a lighter color.;limited stock, exclusively offered by horween, ect.
Looks like another round of emails about alden TSM irregulars. Only thing interesting in 10.5/11 range is some cigar ptb's.
I agree and recently snagged one. I've never owned a popover, and so far I think I am won over.
Thanks Toj. May your future endeavors prosper.
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