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Looking for an answer to this too, I've been wanting a suede boot that I can carelessly stomp around in for the fall.
I also have long arms, and I sent it back to the barbour factory. Back when I sent it in, it was $60 to lengthen sleeves, although I think the price is higher now.I currently have my bedale at the factory as I type this and the backlog is 8-10 weeks.
Yeah great deal on some boots, but I'm with ferg needing a 10.5.
I love my king cap toes as well, but I think I would have enjoyed them even better if they were from my GF.
+1 for preorders.
oxblood blend is hot
+1 to the pelt liner. After taking it off, its hard to believe you can live without it once the temps start dropping.
http://corvuswatch.blogspot.com/2012/05/color-guide-to-horween-shell-cordovan.htmlNot sure how legit the page is, but it provides what seems to be accurate bio's of the shell colors.Anyway to answer your question, #4 has half the amount of dye that #8 has, and is therefore a lighter color.
http://horween.bigcartel.com/product/the-one-piece-shell-cordovan-belt-2nd-generationtldr;limited stock, exclusively offered by horween, ect.
Looks like another round of emails about alden TSM irregulars. Only thing interesting in 10.5/11 range is some cigar ptb's.
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