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I wouldn't go any smaller as you can already see a little pulling in the chest and midsection. Sleeve length looks good despite your lengthy build.
Great fix! My bedale has been in the factory for repairs for two weeks now. How long was the turn around for yours?
Pretty much everything is back ordered, but expected ship is Sep 2nd, so not terrible.
Looking for an answer to this too, I've been wanting a suede boot that I can carelessly stomp around in for the fall.
I also have long arms, and I sent it back to the barbour factory. Back when I sent it in, it was $60 to lengthen sleeves, although I think the price is higher now.I currently have my bedale at the factory as I type this and the backlog is 8-10 weeks.
Yeah great deal on some boots, but I'm with ferg needing a 10.5.
I love my king cap toes as well, but I think I would have enjoyed them even better if they were from my GF.
+1 for preorders.
oxblood blend is hot
+1 to the pelt liner. After taking it off, its hard to believe you can live without it once the temps start dropping.
New Posts  All Forums: