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21 months
graduating college.
Quote: Originally Posted by raptorrapture ^ I actually like this shirt. The like the color and the feel of it. I hope it goes on sale soon. I agree, if I had to pick one that would be it. Just dont be surprised if when you get it in real life that the color is a little off.
no shoes are the best shoes.
4 today... on melting ice/snow/slush mixture. Was interesting to say the lest.
I go to trader joes for two items 1. Cheap wine 2. Granola
Oak Street
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift pant cuffs, what do you guys think too high too low no cuffs? Generally I like showing about 1/2 -3/4 inch of ankle, if any. Although sometimes your cuffs roll in gaps so its hard to make it percise. (Just remember when you sit down it will go up another 3 inches).
I live near St. Louis so anheuser busch poducts are generally the default. If im not drinking to change my mental state then Kilians it is.
I support OP.
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