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I go to trader joes for two items 1. Cheap wine 2. Granola
Oak Street
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift pant cuffs, what do you guys think too high too low no cuffs? Generally I like showing about 1/2 -3/4 inch of ankle, if any. Although sometimes your cuffs roll in gaps so its hard to make it percise. (Just remember when you sit down it will go up another 3 inches).
I live near St. Louis so anheuser busch poducts are generally the default. If im not drinking to change my mental state then Kilians it is.
I support OP.
Quote: Originally Posted by dsoren So J. Crew decides to come out with dress shirts that can be ordered by neck and sleeve sizes but doesn't make them available in slim fit? That's really fucking stupid on their part. Yeah and I guess by giving a "measured fit" gives them the opporunity to up the price by another $10.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr. magoo If it happens, we'd probably be in U City or one of the closer neighborhoods (Central West End, Tower Grove, etc.) Oh cool, im down in the loop (delmar) quite a bit, its def. a college place. I'd say university city is a nice, the Zoo is nearby too. Obama's favorite pizza is also in delmar in a place called Pi.
I live across the river about 20 min from the city. Do you know what part of Stl your be moving to? p.s. your be happy to know that St louis has one of the best sewer systems in the usa.
I handle my spending urges like I handle my female urges. Just rub one out and your have a clear head.
I get my jerky from a farmers market. Its a little harsh at first but has so much more flavor than over the counter brands.
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