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I live across the river about 20 min from the city. Do you know what part of Stl your be moving to? p.s. your be happy to know that St louis has one of the best sewer systems in the usa.
I handle my spending urges like I handle my female urges. Just rub one out and your have a clear head.
I get my jerky from a farmers market. Its a little harsh at first but has so much more flavor than over the counter brands.
Quote: Originally Posted by ruben not enough, I like meeting people. same here.
Best museum that ive been to in so cal is the Pageant of the Masters in orange county. Not sure if it counts since its living but oh well.
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker Has anyone ever tried out Homespun? It looks like one of the better "In good company" items. Hard to find anything about the company online. Doubt I would find these in store. Does anyone know how this fits? http://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/in...9983/39983.jsp Hard to tell. J Crew is very good at hyping up an item by giving the consumer a sense of being unique. I do love the look and how deep the...
Has anyone seen the gap spring lookbook? All the models are the exact same lineup that J Crew uses... http://www.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=64666 Am I just uninformed or is this odd?
Let me know when you put that cannondale cycle up for sale
If your looking for a tanned belt, I have a great supplier. Barsony Leather. They make handcrafted belts and holsters in Oregon, thick and of great quality for only $30.
For some reason im really digging the sweater. The shorts are tacky but what can you expect.
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