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Quote: Originally Posted by aaaeeeiiiooouuu You could do a lot better. For starters, look at Filson 256 and Saddleback I agree, if you can afford a saddleback they will last a lifetime.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bourbon Can anyone comment on the sizing of the Homespun henleys? I can't decide whether to order medium or small. I'm 6'1, 155lbs I wear Medium in their slim-fit Jersey Polos, Tees I wear Small in their Chambray button down shirts I would categorize this closer to a polo or tee. Chambray from j crew fit large so small would make sense. Go for the med. You could always order both and return the one you...
Quote: Originally Posted by hastur just out of curiosity, how long does it take you guys to receive a shipment from jcrew? i placed an order early thursday and it still hasn't been shipped out today How much did you order? Everytime I have recieved 2 pounds or less it has come within a couple of days. Check to see what they estimate and what it actually has been, if its over then give them a call. Also remember today is a holiday, not...
Ran my first 5k today. Felt awesome.
I dont treat my boat shoes with anything regularly. Everyonce in a while I may apple a coat of mink oil if its looking like it needs it.
Quote: Originally Posted by suited Came across this posting, thought it was pretty funny. I see Carnival offers a "chest hair contest". Most Caribbean cruise destinations look like third world shit holes as soon as you leave the port. It's like being surrounded by 500 of those mall kiosks as soon as you step off the boat, except the sales people are even more pushy/rude. There's also nothing to do on these ships other than lay in the sun or...
Love me some cuties. Good by themselves, in salads, in drinks, and on the go.
Quote: Originally Posted by elevated1 Side note: after a couple of wears, two of the buttons start falling off so I had to get that fixed. But its one of my fave J crew pieces. Yeah I always have the same problem on my jackets from J crew. Guess im lucky my mom lives whithin a 20 min drive.
Offical Top 5 Fast Food Spots POWER RANKINGS. 1. In-N-Out Burger 2. Five Guys 3. Chipotle 4. Panera Bread 5. McDonald's 9001. Jack In The Box
Quote: Originally Posted by rdgn123 anybody see this hoodie in store? i don't see it online. Ive been keeping my eye out for that one too. Closest thing they have is Im hoping they didnt alter the one in your photo and that its coming out later this year.
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