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If this is your retirement account then I wouldnt be buying on margin. If your looking to up your risk then Vanguard has plenty of high risk funds.
Has anyone bought the Marled fleece hooded henley? (http://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/Ne...8243/38243.jsp) Need to know how it fits, I always wear a small in J crew but their sold out. Just wondering if a med would be ok since its slim fit.
Dont ruin a bad thing. Work hard for 5 more years, then think about starting a business.
Bought some continental resources today (CLR). Been trying to get a lower price ever since I heard about the Bakken Shale but it keeps going up. Then Obama came out today and talked about the importance of drilling domesticly...
Has anyone ever ordered items online that had delayed shipping? Ex: "Item does not ship until 4/15" Do you have to pay shipping twice or does your already high bill include it?
Anyone know how "low" the low rise is in these in compairson to a standard cut like the sv5000?
Quote: Originally Posted by mediahound Yeah, whats the deal? The ones in the pictures look like they've been worn for a week. quote from the jcrew description: Quote: Originally Posted by Jcrew Today's suede shoe feels more laid-back: We like them when they're scuffed up a bit and worn without socks. (Don't be fooled by the low-key feel: These are definitely built to last.)
Seems like everything I want doesnt ship until April.
Quote: Originally Posted by aaaeeeiiiooouuu You could do a lot better. For starters, look at Filson 256 and Saddleback I agree, if you can afford a saddleback they will last a lifetime.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bourbon Can anyone comment on the sizing of the Homespun henleys? I can't decide whether to order medium or small. I'm 6'1, 155lbs I wear Medium in their slim-fit Jersey Polos, Tees I wear Small in their Chambray button down shirts I would categorize this closer to a polo or tee. Chambray from j crew fit large so small would make sense. Go for the med. You could always order both and return the one you...
New Posts  All Forums: