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Looks like Alden for Jcrew just received a lot of new sizes. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/s...0853/20853.jsp Awesome boot for a lower price than most cordovan.
I personally have a low net income but I tend to buy my aldens by saving (+-)$100 a month. During this period of 3-6 months of saving I have plenty of time to find great deals on slightly used pairs to help save even more.
Quote: Originally Posted by phreak I know the GRE isn't the only metric admissions depts looks at, but I hope you have a Q770+ and V650+ if you want to get into a top 15 program. Right, the undergrad GPA comparison for most top schools is a 3.5 for standard econ/finance but 3.1 - 3.3 for energy economics.
Econ/Finance major here, looking to get into energy economics and go to grad school at colorado school of mines. Its a field im very interested in and see an immense future for. Plus the programs are much easier to get into right now while the demand for it is low, which wont stay for long.
this thread is so full of win. Loved the first video and glad to see they came out with another one.
You get what you pay for with Herschel, the prices are low but the materials reflect this.
Wow great sale, wish these were in small instead of med.
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