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Great bracelets! HomerJ has quick shipping, and great customer service. Look forward to doing business again in the future. For anyone on the fence, the pictures for the yellow blue tiger eye do not do it justice, its a great stone.
Bowery backpack just arrived in the mail. Not too impressed so far. Pros: -Lots of leather detailing -Large carry space and 2 large side pockets -Very thick canvas Cons: -The back straps barely fit me (on last notch) and im 5'11, 160 pounds. Cant really see this thing fitting anyone larger than me. -Doesnt really fit/perform well unless the inner flap is buttoned, and the outside straps are straped. Which is fine unless your the on the move type of guy....
Is there a rule about sizing for unlined shoes? I have a pair of size 11 cordovan loafers that are unlined from alden and there a little big. I was looking at a pair of size 11 captoe boots that are similar last but are lined. I was just wondering if I should size down for the boots or how much the "Unlining" causes. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by mediahound Interesting J.Crew under fire by some conservative groups: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...BUMD1JB854.DTL Haha awesome Quote: nontraditional activities ... can be destructive and damaging to a child's identity and self-esteem." haters gunna hate
edited, got answer
(quickly go check my own harry potter collection to see if first edition)
Always smell my cordovan shells before putting them on. mmm
Quote: Originally Posted by add911_11 fuck me, I wish I have the money Same here, could maybe be affordable if the seller wore them a couple times.
Man ive been looking for these for a long time in sz 10.5/11. Wish they were more worn so they would be in my price range of 300.
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