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I bought a very large tupperware box and i just lay my sweaters inside. Keep them safe from disfiguring and from "bugs" that like to eat wool or whatever that rumor is.
Id go with the barbour one too, they just have higher quality standards. Love the timex 1600 too.
http://www.barsonyholstersandbelts.com/servlet/the-56/Heavy-Leather-Belt-1.5%22/Detail Barsony Leather from Oregon Very cheap (20$) for a thick (10 oz) and well made belt that ive been wearing for 2 years now.
free shipping on $100+; expires 8.26.11 (week from today, next friday) code: N79SKX
left or right?... there can be only one.
+1 thank you j crew for finally coming to your senses.
Man I would be all over that buffalo sweater if it was size small. Great price...
Looking to buy a 20% coupon. PM me.
Purchased this tank from saturdaysnyc.com a month ago. Thought it would fit but it turns out to be too small for me. I've only worn it to try on.   Color is grey chalk stripe. Size Small (sold out online) p2p: 17 inches   I bought it for $58.00 after tax+shipping. Starting price:SOLD with shipping to CONUS. Payment thru paypal
Im not a tea party guy but I do enjoy listening to Rick Santelli. Its nice to hear from someone who lives in the bond market instead of journalists.
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