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They look like alden cordovan loafers, #8.Cant tell if full strap or not.
Finally got around to getting a picture of my samuari's S5000VX that are 2.3 years old. I retired them about 8 months ago and switched to the pair on the right (flathead).
Finally got around to getting a picture of my LHS Loafers that ive been wearing all summer next to a pair of Unionmade commando boots that I just recieved. Cant wait to start wearing those boots.
pm sent
I bought a very large tupperware box and i just lay my sweaters inside. Keep them safe from disfiguring and from "bugs" that like to eat wool or whatever that rumor is.
Id go with the barbour one too, they just have higher quality standards. Love the timex 1600 too. Barsony Leather from Oregon Very cheap (20$) for a thick (10 oz) and well made belt that ive been wearing for 2 years now.
free shipping on $100+; expires 8.26.11 (week from today, next friday) code: N79SKX
left or right?... there can be only one.
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