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I bought them about 2-3 weeks ago and I've been wearing them at least twice a week. The flannel lining is great, and the color is actually very versatile. Fits TTS,
I know this is slightly off topic, but does anyone here have any experience in Petroleum/energy economics? Im currently a junior getting a degree in econ/finance and was going to start applying to the few grad schools that offer a degree in the area. I was just wondering if a grad degree in this area would be useful.
awesome knit!, would be mine if med.
Have these in large, great glove at an awesome price.
Doubt it. 150 min, 25% off is probably the largest sale of the year, combination wise (for non marked down pieces). Most J crew sales are 20% off 175, or 200+Nabbed those Flannel-lined Tompkins pant today, anyone have them already?
They look like alden cordovan loafers, #8.Cant tell if full strap or not.
Finally got around to getting a picture of my samuari's S5000VX that are 2.3 years old. I retired them about 8 months ago and switched to the pair on the right (flathead).
Finally got around to getting a picture of my LHS Loafers that ive been wearing all summer next to a pair of Unionmade commando boots that I just recieved. Cant wait to start wearing those boots.
pm sent
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