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If you dont like it, dont buy it.
I wish I was named after a boot.
You should direct your question to the expert on the following blog, http://thornproof.tumblr.com/
Ill testify to this service. I bought a bedale that naturally had shorter sleeves. I sent it in late September and had it back within 2-3 weeks with the sleeves 2.5 inches longer. I will say the price was higher than I wanted to pay (around $80 after shipping) but the customer service and quality of work was amazing.
Bracelets are sold.
All sold thanks.
40s on 40s on 40s
http://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/NewArrivals/sweaters/PRDOVR~45603/45603.jsp hot
Vintage Slim is categorized under Classic which is a "slimmer" cut. The only difference between urban slim and classic according to Jcrew is that the Classic sits on the hip while urban slim sits below the waist. Therefore from my understanding the flannel lined chestnut pants are considered classic due to the waist but fit slim. (there even slimmer due to the flannel lining)
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