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I graduated from a fairly no name state school with >3.5 GPA with an Econ/Fin degree. I wasn't even graduated yet before I had a full time position with the army corps of engineers as an economist. My only regret was similar to the above, as I wish I would have taken more programming courses. I work with SQL/SAP databases on a regular basis and a familiarity in programming would have gone a long way.
I am 5'11 155 pounds and I bought a new small.The fit is tight but the stark stretches. Its really your call - if I could choose again I would have gotten a med.
When I ordered from frans boone and missed my package, they fedex/UPS guy left a note saying I owed $87, but when I changed shipping location to the nearest shipping facility I picked it up no cash needed.
Last year I had Barbour's repair facility take a couple inches off my sleeves. I have heard in the past that they can also alter the cuffs. I would call the customer service number at the following link to find out, unless others on here know for sure. must warn you though, just to get my sleeves altered costed upwards of $60.00+ so it could be more than your willing to pay.
Thanks. Its too bad they only have one heavy knit and its almost sold out.
Any long term (>6 month) stark owners know how much their stark stretched out? Or if any at all?
The following is a frans boone triple blue stark size small. Sorry for the bad camera phone mirror pictures, when I got home from work the sun was setting. Can post better pictures tomorrow. I am 5'11 155 pounds 39 inch chest. Left = pit to pit =17.25 across laid flat. Right = bottom to top. Again my camera phone and poor lightning does not do the color justice. In the sun its a unique purplish-blue. Overall thoughts: It fits slimmer than my other SNS knits,...
I own it. The size/versatility is spot on and I wear it daily in a business casual dress setting. The issue, is that its more for show than practicality. The buckle holds the belt in place with a lever that pushes on the belt (It tends to slip if the belt is too tight). Therefore as long as you don't need a tight belt - your be fine. Additionally it makes a lot of jingles when its unbuckled - which isn't that big of a deal.
Cannondale Cycling Jersey for sale. Worn 1-2 times, short rides Size med, but the chest measures 19 inches, lying flat. 3 Back Pockets 3/4 Zip 40 Shipped. Please PM me if you need more measurements or pictures.
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