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Hey alhanis, you sound like me when I was making my first and only toj purchase. As someone else mentioned, this topic has been discussed many times in the past. Regardless, I have owned a calf 2011 moto for close to a year now and I feel I can contribute to the growing archived discussion.I've always felt that lamb attracted people that craved instant gratification as it looks great right out of the box. Lamb is per se for the guy who chooses to fly across country instead...
Interested in the proxy, hopefully everything is well organized.
Been wearing this scarf all winter, its a beast.
Shoe Mart seconds arrived today. I've been looking for a plain toe plaza boot for a while and finally gave up on finding it in cigar.
If I recall correctly, Shoe Mart receives almost all of aldens defects, so this could include J. Crews, Leather Sole, ect.
Last year I bought a triple blue stark from frans boone and paid around $70 on import duties.
Totally agree, without my fur liner I don't think I would be able to wear my bedale past November.
Sounds odd for Shoe Mart as they are usually on their game. I called this morning and ordered an alden irregular and the sales associate said the irregulars were flying off the shelf. I haven't received anything about an order being cancelled though.
Thanks guys, will do.
Anyone have a half bottle of suede spray that they used on a few pairs but still have some left? I'll pay shipping & fair compensation.
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