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Shoe Mart seconds arrived today. I've been looking for a plain toe plaza boot for a while and finally gave up on finding it in cigar.
If I recall correctly, Shoe Mart receives almost all of aldens defects, so this could include J. Crews, Leather Sole, ect.
Last year I bought a triple blue stark from frans boone and paid around $70 on import duties.
Totally agree, without my fur liner I don't think I would be able to wear my bedale past November.
Sounds odd for Shoe Mart as they are usually on their game. I called this morning and ordered an alden irregular and the sales associate said the irregulars were flying off the shelf. I haven't received anything about an order being cancelled though.
Thanks guys, will do.
Anyone have a half bottle of suede spray that they used on a few pairs but still have some left? I'll pay shipping & fair compensation.
Selling a new Epaulet lavender oxford size medium. This shirt was originally purchased for $150 under the MTO program and is a stock medium with the following alterations: 15.5'' collar +1'' to sleeve length Please note epaulet's sizing chart: I had purchased this same oxford last year and the fabric on the MTO shirt is closer to a pinpoint than the traditional oxford. Unfortunately, while the shirt fits well, I am looking for the traditional epaulet beefy oxford....
Selling a pair of mint Ray-Ban "New Wayfarers" in tortoise. These sunglasses were purchased new online and the 55m model does not fit my face. I am looking to exchange for either a 52m or simply give up buying sunglasses. Sunglasses have only been tried on and do not have any significant scratches. They come with the ray-ban case and cleaning cloth. Price includes shipping to CONUS.
Just received my bedale back from the factory and I had asked them to repair a tear, rewax, and add a leather trim to the bottom hem. The repair exceeded my expectation and turned out to be much cheaper than what a local tailor would have charged. Here are some pictures of the repair and bonus bag: They additionally tightened up some loose threads and got this 16 year old jacket back to prime shape.
New Posts  All Forums: