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Totally agree, without my fur liner I don't think I would be able to wear my bedale past November.
Sounds odd for Shoe Mart as they are usually on their game. I called this morning and ordered an alden irregular and the sales associate said the irregulars were flying off the shelf. I haven't received anything about an order being cancelled though.
Thanks guys, will do.
Anyone have a half bottle of suede spray that they used on a few pairs but still have some left? I'll pay shipping & fair compensation.
Selling a new Epaulet lavender oxford size medium. This shirt was originally purchased for $150 under the MTO program and is a stock medium with the following alterations: 15.5'' collar +1'' to sleeve length Please note epaulet's sizing chart: I had purchased this same oxford last year and the fabric on the MTO shirt is closer to a pinpoint than the traditional oxford. Unfortunately, while the shirt fits well, I am looking for the traditional epaulet beefy oxford....
Selling a pair of mint Ray-Ban "New Wayfarers" in tortoise. These sunglasses were purchased new online and the 55m model does not fit my face. I am looking to exchange for either a 52m or simply give up buying sunglasses. Sunglasses have only been tried on and do not have any significant scratches. They come with the ray-ban case and cleaning cloth. Price includes shipping to CONUS.
Just received my bedale back from the factory and I had asked them to repair a tear, rewax, and add a leather trim to the bottom hem. The repair exceeded my expectation and turned out to be much cheaper than what a local tailor would have charged. Here are some pictures of the repair and bonus bag: They additionally tightened up some loose threads and got this 16 year old jacket back to prime shape.
I wouldn't go any smaller as you can already see a little pulling in the chest and midsection. Sleeve length looks good despite your lengthy build.
Great fix! My bedale has been in the factory for repairs for two weeks now. How long was the turn around for yours?
Pretty much everything is back ordered, but expected ship is Sep 2nd, so not terrible.
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