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Last drop before they get sent to ebay.
Sold back in 2012 as the first generation stark "new fit". This shade of triple blue was exclusive to Frans Boone, and is different than the blue melange that Tres Bein sold. This blue mix is my absolute favorite to come out of SNS Herning, but its simply too small for me now. Its been worn less than 5 times due to the size, and is in excellent condition. I am looking to either trade for a medium or sell to get funds for a medium. The sweater was originally sold for $320...
I celebrated my bedale's 18th birthday (Born in '97) this year with getting her back in wearable condition after riding the jacket pretty hard over the last few years. Since I got the jacket, I have sent it back to the factory 3-4 times and they always do a wonderful job (albeit at a high cost). I thought I would share a few pictures as when it was repaired this time, it came back with some different (non-original) hardware. Restoration done over the years includes 12...
Item sold, thanks.
Left Field sold
Selling a pair of Alden suede chukka boots size 10.5, barrie last. Price = $250 $200 shipped. Worn twice but decided they are too large. Lightly sprayed with Allen Edmond's water protector. Boots as seen here: http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_chukka_boot_barrie_last_dark_brown_suede/p-mxsb-1273s_ald_m_chukka_boot_barrie_last.html Please PM if you need more photos or have questions.
Selling two pairs of pants: 1) Left Field Herringbone Chinos size 31. Price = $90.00 shipped (SOLD) Inseam 33. Tried on once but did not fit. I purchased them from another SF user who wore once and cold washed. Looking to get what I paid for them. 2) JCrew Ludow Gray Dress Pant (super 120's wool) size 30. Price = $35.00 shipped Inseam 32. Worn 5 times, dry cleaned, in great shape. Please PM for specific sizing questions. Shipping CONUS.
Crossing my fingers that my order today will arrive by Christmas
so many photos, now all we need is woodyear to return
Looking to buy a sns herning ion cardigan in oxblood (not blue). I am looking for either a small or medium. I am willing to pay: Small - $250 Medium - $200 Obviously willingness to pay is based on quality, but whether used or new, send me a PM and we can talk.
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