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Left Field sold
Selling a pair of Alden suede chukka boots size 10.5, barrie last. Price = $250 shipped. Worn twice but decided they are too large. Lightly sprayed with Allen Edmond's water protector. Boots as seen here: http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_chukka_boot_barrie_last_dark_brown_suede/p-mxsb-1273s_ald_m_chukka_boot_barrie_last.html Please PM if you need more photos or have questions.
Selling two pairs of pants: 1) Left Field Herringbone Chinos size 31. Price = $90.00 shipped (SOLD) Inseam 33. Tried on once but did not fit. I purchased them from another SF user who wore once and cold washed. Looking to get what I paid for them. 2) JCrew Ludow Gray Dress Pant (super 120's wool) size 30. Price = $35.00 shipped Inseam 32. Worn 5 times, dry cleaned, in great shape. Please PM for specific sizing questions. Shipping CONUS.
Crossing my fingers that my order today will arrive by Christmas
so many photos, now all we need is woodyear to return
Looking to buy a sns herning ion cardigan in oxblood (not blue). I am looking for either a small or medium. I am willing to pay: Small - $250 Medium - $200 Obviously willingness to pay is based on quality, but whether used or new, send me a PM and we can talk.
Can anyone help me understand what the point of a shell sneaker is? I own 3 shell aldens because the perception is that the uppers of the shoe will last for 30+ years, meanwhile the heel/soles can be replaced by a cobbler as needed. When it comes to sneakers, I have trouble comprehending how the gum sole will be replaced. To me, it seems the soles will be worn out right when the shell is hitting its stride. Akin to some 80 year old guy dating a college age female.
Hey alhanis, you sound like me when I was making my first and only toj purchase. As someone else mentioned, this topic has been discussed many times in the past. Regardless, I have owned a calf 2011 moto for close to a year now and I feel I can contribute to the growing archived discussion.I've always felt that lamb attracted people that craved instant gratification as it looks great right out of the box. Lamb is per se for the guy who chooses to fly across country instead...
Interested in the proxy, hopefully everything is well organized.
Been wearing this scarf all winter, its a beast.
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