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Hey guys, sorry for never writing a response to some of you, I started a new, time-consuming job two weeks ago and have been busy keeping track of the home making and such. I want to start taking orders again. But no drop-off shipping is going to be possible anymore, meaning that from now on I have to increase the costs for shipping and set up a minimum for orders. This is because I have to order all items to my apartment and take it to the post office for usps...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque Oh shit, what does that mean "flagged"? It means they are questioning the purpose of what I'm doing and it's on hold until I can prove I didn't resell to drop-ship addresses
someone flagged my account so I can't take orders anymore. That includes all orders with payments that cleared today or yesterday. I will refund everyone. Sorry guys. I won't take any more orders.
NEW RNT35 Nylon Tricot Triangle Top One-Piece Swimsuit $16 each (store $38) RNT30 Nylon Tricot Maillot-V Swimsuit $21 each (store $45) RSA8312 Cotton Spandex Jersey Halter One-Piece $14 (store $28) some really sexy stuff, maybe pick something up for your girl nothing for boys..
Quote: Originally Posted by vincent13 Does this mean it would be a bad time to place an order? Let me know because I'm very interested in ordering some things =D Taking orders is no problem and takes me little time, what I referred to more than anything was style updates (new items, colors, sizes et cetera) for whole sellers. It's less effort for me to do it item by item for an individual order than going through the entire catalog.
Quote: Originally Posted by bapelolol YES $12 instead of $24 colors: heather grey/white, black, brown/white, red/white, white, lavender/white are these items available? I have a couple of personal things going on, so I don't get to look at updates often.
Sorry guys, both of those items are unavailable for wholesale.
Quote: Originally Posted by thedeav ordered my stuff/sent paypal on tuesday and have yet to get a shipping confirmation and mayo is ignoring PMs I am not ignoring your PM's your check cleared today and your order was placed. I can pull the tracking number tonight. Jeez.
I read an interview with Tom Ford last year in which he stated he looks at tattoos as signs of weakness. But he also believes at the same time weakness is a sign of humanity. So basically a tattoo is an idication for some sort of sensitivity in a person. People who don't have tattoos like to be judgmental about the motives behind the act of getting a tattoo. Speaking for myself, I grow with them and I couldn't imagine my body without them anymore. However, I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by beefyk Hey mayonaise, can you get these? and for how much? Can't get the striped ones, sorry!
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