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Is there a scale at the gym? Weigh yourself then weigh yourself with the bar. Or just ask someone there they should know.
If you want cheap and dirty just cook a bunch of chicken thighs, dice them up throw in a bowl with some rice or quinoa cover in cheese and microwave, Top with sour cream and greek yogourt. Pour on some salsa and hot sauce.
Not sure if this helps but here's a few recipes I go to. They all taste good and the best part is they can be adjusted for macros without compromising anything. Also, for the most part they can be eaten hot or cold and can be portioned out into individual servings for throughout the week. I usually eyeball measurements and adjust them depending on my requirements for the day so these are just guidelines.Quinoa Chicken Bowl:Diced chicken breast or thighsCooked Quinoachopped...
Are the shirts smaller this season? I have a couple of shirts in slim cut medium that fit perfectly so I just grabbed the slim fit tartan western shirt without trying it on and when I got home I literally couldn't even button it up.
Can someone recommend a good substitute lift for upright rows? I'm getting bored with them. Also, what is this?
I bought a pair of Indys the year before last and wore them a few times a week. After one season wear the heel was worn well beyond the rubber part so I had that replaced. A couple of months later the entire sole began to separate. As well, the tongue became displaced. No matter how carefully I tied them the tongue would inevitably begin to slip sideways to the inside of the boot. Basically after a year of wear they were done. This has nothing to do with treating the...
True, just wondering if there is a hard fast rule. It's perfect for me during the work week but weekends are a crap shoot. Thanks.
Is there any point in doing Intermittent Fasting if realistically you're only going to be able to stick to an eating window 6 days out of the week, or more likely 5 days? Is there any benefit in running it Monday to Friday or should I look at something else? Typically I'll lift 3 or 4 days a week, depending on the week of that matters. At least one of those days will be on the weekend.
Thanks for the response. I'll check them out today.
I noticed the navy ones as well. They're a nice colour. Based on your description of sizing do you suggest going up a half size from last year? I bought a grey pair and they fit well but if they're slimmer now I'm not so sure.
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