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ugh, if those slacks fit a 28, or even a 30 I'd be all over them
Any chance of an XXS? with say... 15 inch shoulders, and 17.5 pit to pit
6'1 117lbs 25.5 waist 34 inseam 33 chest 14 neck
bump Someone must have one they're willing to let go
Shoulder measurement on the blue microstripe?
augh yep didn't expect this to be easy... Oh, I'm also looking for one of his jackets... lightweight, summer jacke, preferably linen... again size XS or S, I am tiny
Probably going to have a bit of trouble finding this... looking for the charcoal collab hoodie from a couple of years back, want one without chest pocket... ideally in XS or S, but will consider Mediums. Pic: (Stolen from MJK facebook page, hope he doesn't mind) Really desperate for this, let me know if you've got anything. Also interested in his seersucker shirts.
Measurements on the left field chambray, please
what is the true color of the Vibskov Parka? It looks grey in the first two pics, but in the last two it seems quite bluish.
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