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I tried to look through this thread, as best as I can on this darned cell phone. Has anyone posted a side by side comparison showing the depth of the 256 vs 257? If someone owns both and wouldn't mind, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated. I'm in the market for a new briefcase, currently I travel very light: no laptop for the foreseeable future, most likely my touchpad + sleeve, two USB cables, some manilla folders, two tiny tupperware snack size containers (1oz...
In this thread, OP defies science. Mirin self sufficient body, wish I could produce energy and not eat.
slimmer than the Milano?
LL Bean duck boots /thread
pm sent
With the current 30% off promo, I purchased a white and blue must-iron Tailored Fit Hyde Park OCBDs, along with some crew neck sweatshirts since the LE Canvas cuts are slimmer than most others (on a sweatshirt, that is)
Quote: Originally Posted by Newlaw I'm 6'4, 240, and full squat over 500. I haven't found an OTR flat front pair of pants that have fit me in over 3 years. Light wools and fabric look terrible because they noticeably drape over the front sweep of my thighs. Basically, when ever I extend my leg (i.e. walk) the fabric bulges out. Any suggestions? Good luck! I'm ~5'7 168lbs, squat/dead 2x week and have to size up to a 33 usually (My true...
Good info, thanks!
Perhaps this is an idiotic question, but the further I delve into researching cloth types the more confused I become. What defines a dress pant? How does a casual chino differ from a "dress" chino? I'm assuming it's all in the cut and actual cloth. (they are both twill, correct?) Many of the Mabitex/Incotex offerings found in B&S are cotton, ranging from "soft" look casual chinos to houndstooth cotton trousers. Are these to be considered "dress pants"? As far as wool...
In the market for one or two dress pants, having done the research I'm really only confused by a few things: Are 100% cotten pants to be considered "dress pants" I assumed wool, and everyone always says purchase a medium gray and charcoal grey as the first two pairs. What weave? Gabardine can develop a shine correct? Is a textured weave such as flannel even a logical purchase with only one or two "dress" pants in rotation?
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