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Sorry if this has been covered, but I didn't see anything come up on the search or recent pages of the thread. I want to buy a couple pairs of rivet chinos but am worried about the cotton twill on the inside of the leg that shows when you cuff - I work in a somewhat conservative environment and would at least like the option of being able to have a tailor remove part of it. I'm not sure that it's gonna fly. Is this at all possible? Thanks in advance!
Hey, so I have Unis Gios in navy and moss in 34 and love them, and I tried to get 33 (closest size in stock) and make it work with the Army but they're too small. Bought on sale so I can't return. These are out of stock now so get them here at a good price. NWT, just worn a bit around the apartment when trying them on. PM for any more info on measurements, photos, fit, etc.
Hey, bought a couple small GBV earlier in the summer and have decided I'm a medium and am in the process of getting rid of my smalls. This oxford has been tried on a couple times, is otherwise completely new. Still has tags. I bought from SW for $160 shipped, offering for $110 shipped CONUS. I can ship elsewhere too, just PM. Standard measurements for a GBV small (17.5"/19.5"). If you want more info send a PM.
Hey, I've been between a small and a medium in GBV but have been putting on some weight and am going to sell my smalls. This is a great shirt, worn once, bought for $170 from context a couple months ago. Selling for $115 shipped CONUS. Shoulders: 17.5" P2P: 19.5" Questions/inquiries let me know. Thanks for your time!
Hey everyone, curious about experiences with non-denim LVC. Prices on t-shirts and buttondowns are ridiculously expensive - are they produced domestically? Are people generally satisfied with their purchases? I read the last 10-15 pages of the thread and didn't find much. There was one photo of the '20s white henley that looks nice but that's about it. Unionmade, etc. sell a lot of LVC that looks nice but the fit would have to be perfect to justify paying $95 for a...
Hey Mike, I put a gouge in my Epaulet x Thorogood boots (see below) and I'm really upset. I'm taking them to a shoe repair place tomorrow, but I'm not very confident - the solutions seem to be dubious repair kits and pastes and I don't feel very comfortable about them being a permanent solution. Is there any kind of replacement of the toe leather that you or Thorogood can do to fix this (or anyone else for that matter - maybe Horween)? I know White's can replace toe...
I gouged my boot on sharp metal underneath bus seats, and I'm pretty upset. I'm taking this to a cobbler tomorrow but I'd like to know if you guys think this can be fixed/how you would go about doing it. Thanks.
Inventory Items 021: Woolrich Woolen Mills Woody Shirt Measurements (from Inventory website): Shoulder: 18" P2P: 22.5" Length (back of neck to back hem): 31" The shirt is like new - has only been tried on (too big) and has sat on a wooden hanger ever since. Nice wool, probably best worn as an over shirt in the fall/winter months. I paid $225 + shipping, will sell for $125 shipped CONUS.
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