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On mobile so i can't see the stamp very well, are they made in England? If so I believe they're Cheaney.I found some deadstock turtle shoes today. Anyone know if they can't be sold period or have be proven to be made before a certain date?
Today was "near misses" First I thought this tag less polo stuck out a bit quality wise with what was around it At my last stop now, nothing on the men's thought I'd check the women's side, my first demuelemeester and Barbour
Didn't plan to go out to today but made a few stops. Found this Epaulet oxford pop-over and a recent linen Brioni shirt. One more stop I think.
Thanks brother, I picked them up with the thread in mind. If these are anyones measurements they're yours at cost ($4 each) plus shipping. Some serious RLPL vibes on these.pit to pit: 25 1/2"waist: 24- 24 1/2"shoulders: 21"sleeves: 23 1/2-24"length: 31- 31 1/2"waist: 19 1/2-20"FR: 13"BR: 16"inseam: 28 1/2"cuff: 1 1/2"they all seem to have around an inch to let out of inseam [[SPOILER]]
Is this tag exclusive to Adrian Jules? I tried googling for a pic and it brought me to 4/2/12 which was a great page FYI love revisiting old finds to drool over.
ending wednesday 4/15 Canali beige windowpane 3 btn super 120s suit 56L 46L made it Italy MINT Pal Zileri Sartoriale super 150's 2 btn gray suit 54R 44R made in Italy GORGEOUS vtg Pendleton tweed half norfolk jacket 44 46 R HANDSOME Gustin charcoal gray chore coat M made in USA MINT New England shirt Co purple tattersall long sleeve shirt M made in USA BEAUTIFUL Brooklyn Tailors charcoal herringbone soft flannel shirt slim XL HANDSOME Hackett London blue check long...
Items ending tomorrow evening 4/12 lots with little bidding my favorite being this Loro Piana green check pattern long sleeve shirt L ONE PIECE COLLAR GORGEOUS Alexander McQueen white/blue ss polo shirt M skull logo made in Italy GORGEOUS Our Legacy seersucker long sleeve shirt XL/52 SLIM HANDSOME Michael Bastian X Uniqlo navy/red striped short sleeve polo shirt L HANDSOME The Kooples white long sleeve poplin fitted shirt S COOL DETAILS Rugby by Ralph Lauren purple...
Not a bad Bastian pop for $3.16 I own to many light blue shirts and I think this is going to replace them all. Really happy to find another Massimo Alba item. The first is from a few days ago the dirty charcoal effect shirt I got at a thrift in LA last winter. I browsed through a bunch of it at a Barneys Outlet recently (Chicago guys get out there Drakes scarfs,Inis Meain stuff, Barena out the ass) and think it would have some kinda of appeal to most ages and style of...
This is a small percentage of what I've picked up over the last month. I don't really know if anyone would have an interest in my finds as nothing would be available but I figured I could show some stuff I found for myself? I'm hoping after a couple more months of just buying to flip I'll be able to participate in trading and selling in this thread. [[SPOILER]]
@double00 @barrelntrigger @troikaI'm guessing non-selvedge but here is another photo, thanks for the info its cool to learn some new info about garment production [[SPOILER]]
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