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Better photos of my Isaia find from the other day [[SPOILER]] also someone end my torture and buy this lothttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Brioni-Borrelli-Carven-Dolce-Gabbana-Luciano-Barbera-Paul-Smith-shirts-/221360716990?pt=US_Men_s_Dress_Shirts&hash=item338a207cbebut sell me the Barba and Carven
This what I was thinking. I remember watching a documentary on Savile Row and Ozwald was wearing a jacket of that cut. He probably went through someone's archives and modernized something he liked. Looks awesome on the right person And is a cool find.
I have 3 on fleabay at the moment. Not alot of bidding (ending tomorrow night) but 20+ watchers. I can PM the results tomorrow night.
ending 1/26 NWOB New Balance Minimus 10 1/2 MT20 Vibram Allen Edmonds MacNeil 10 1/2 D black longwing made in USA Robert Talbott 7 fold dark red paisley tie limited to 40! heavy silk NWOT All Saints Oslo cream heavy chambray shirt MEDIUM metal buttons new with defects $120 All Saints blue Oslo chambray shirt Large metal buttons Willis & Geiger plaid flannel button down collar shirt Large SOFT blackwatch Orvis madras shirt size M cat eye buttons Paul Smith London...
First time finding one of these guys! Fantastic tailoring, I can see (feel) why people invest in it.
This is awesome. Gonna ditto the Ervell piece but I really wanna see a full shot of that Junya cutaway! Also jealous of your Marni find.
I sold a bape tee of this vintage a few months ago, you'll be glad you picked it up.
I think J Lindberg is behind this label and I think it's only a couple years old. I've never handled it in person those jackets look very nice and I too would have picked them up.
!!!!!Also ATLnoob, caseyfud & silverwarebandit- awesome finds!
Finally ventured out to my TJ Maxx this evening and found a yellow tagged Nike Gyakusou convertible jacket. Just a heads up to the guys who's local stores aren't that prosperous. This store isn't even in the same league as others I've been too.
New Posts  All Forums: