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I've never spotted a flipper in my area (NW Indiana) but I'll leave clothing items I'm on the fence about or are too worn to be purchased and they'll be gone on next visit. Example a recent T&A shirt (the only recent label one I've ever seen) that had severely frayed cuffs and a tear in the collar. So I know other thrifters around here recognize labels and one of them has a nice new ammo bag. I guess I have to be appreciative of my area. I put in time and my "hauls" are...
^ All Saints?
Thumbs up for the Stan Rogers LP, White Squall always made me ;(
Really happy with this missing the paper bag and worn cover but plays beautifully. One of those grails I never wanted to buy the repress of and couldn't afford an OG.
^^ actually I don't even know if I've ever been on your turf Eazy. I pretty much stick the burbs and occasionally one SA in the city
^^^ unfortunate as I'm on your turf today visiting a lady thrift friend. Maybe we'll just stick to the burbs :/ nothing to write home about yet.
Since we're not scared to post thrift brags tonight. These were in the basket o' glasses at a Sally and then sat in my closet for over a year. http://www.ebay.com/itm/221298343444?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1561.l2649
vintage shell cordovan Florsheim 9C plain toe bluchers IMPERFECT vintage Royal Tweed by Cheaney 9 1/2 UK 44C shell cordovan plain toe bluchers vintage Alden 9 A/C creeper postman shoes crepe soles Santoni mens loafers 8 1/2D made in Italy dark brown vintage deadstock Florsheim Imperial 9 1/2 2A longwings cushion insole vintage Ray-Ban made in USA balorama tortoise bausch and lomb NWOB Ralph Lauren Purple Label tortoise sunglasses PL 9752 5004/52 Brooks Brothers...
I got to handle some at a Barneys Warehouse. Sooo nice. Thank you both for confirming that I did screw up by not picking some up :P I'll be on them if they ever get that low on yoox again!
Hating myself for not scooping up the 4 or so of these I had in my dream box about a month ago.
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