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A big thank you to putthison for featuring three of my auctions in this weeks round-up. The latest episode is a real treat as well! If I ever post anything that strikes you Jesse PLEASE send me a pm I owe you one for the exposure.
Allen Edmonds Bryon brown mens shoes 9D cap toe Allen Edmonds Park Avenue black 10D cap toe fantastic condition Florsheim Imperial shell cordovan black longwings 10D with Florsheim shoe trees Florsheim Imperial scotch grain long wing shoes 8D fantastic condition vintage Florsheim Imperial 8 1/2 D brown long wing mens shoes vintage Florsheim Imperial 9C shell cordovan long wings IMPERFECT shoes Alden long wing vintage shoes 8 1/2 AC brown Vans California chukka fair...
^ and shouldn't it have made in France somewhere on that tag?
Awesome finds. I often pick up classical for myself but have never researched the genre in terms of which lps are valuable. These 2 are now on my radar atleast, so thanks for that.
I'm burning with envy right now
Killer finds lately but where is rayxlui? His hauls always got me fired but go thrift. Even though my finds were never of the same caliber at the end of the day
+1 sooo much killer.
II don't even want to look. I saw his Moncler, Cabourn,LVC stuff too late in the LuxeSwap thread id imagine thats gotten listed today. Who'm I kiddin Im gonna look right now.
Good tips, I looked into it a bit more and I think the "Hermes Paris" being on the keeper confirms it as fake. They are from the same thrift along with a couple recent Zegna, Talbott BOC, Holland & Sherry and Canali ties :/
Either all three of these are shell or none of them. Definitely weight more than average. The brown long wings have white waxiness. The black pair have florsheim branded trees. N/A yet And any discrepancies with these two? The tie on the left has the "watermark" on the other side of the small blade with the model #. The tie on the right does not and is a different weave than any other I've found but I think I've seen similar ones posted. N/A Lastly found this...
New Posts  All Forums: