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Newly listed ending 7/5 Zilli blue striped long sleeve dress shirt 17 1/2 made in Italy MINT Ledbury blue/charcoal striped button down long sleeve shirt 16 1/2 Borrelli purple/blue striped long sleeve dress shirt 15 1/2 HIGHEST QUALITY Borrelli beige soft brushed cotton long sleeve shirt 17 1/2 HIGHEST QUALITY Polo Ralph Lauren blue/white linen sport coat 50R 3/2 roll Corneliani Michael Bastian navy/orange zip up hoodie 48 made in Italy by Cucinelli Brooks Brothers...
Found a KitchenAid Pro Line burr coffee grinder for $9.78. Pretty stoked.
@snackbandit Miyake shirt is my fav thing posted in awhile @barrelntrigger awesome finds, everyone's making me regret not hitting any stores today!
So Monday I found these recent Turnbull & Assers and last night I found these two vintage (anyone have an guess on what decade?) also I've picked up some great LPs I've been meaning to photograph but this was a heart breaking pass as it was warped ;( and this is the NWT Dickies 1922 shirt I found a few weeks ago
The shirt I bought is NWT I'll post it soon. I passed on a pair of pants that had all tags plucked off except one on the fly.
A heads up that if your thrifts are buying or getting donations of Dickies it's worth while look through it as there is stuff from their 1922 collection in it.
1st stop: 2 NWT Steven Alan, Taylor stitch (4th in two days), 2 fancier than usual Borrelli 2nd: Polo made in Italy trench, CP company neoprene full zip for me, Spurr polo, recent looking burberry shirt 3rd: one humble tie 4th: American Giant hoodie, VV, RLPL 5th: Zegna suit
less than 24 hours on this Marco Ardenghi 2 button blue cotton/linen sport coat 50 40R L.B.M. 1911 GORGEOUS and this Filson navy canvas padded computer bag HANDSOME 70258 made in USA $385
New Posts  All Forums: