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Handful of items ending this evening this being one which will probably end low vtg Brooks Brother charcoal herringbone 3 piece suit 3/2 roll 42R 34W flat front
Jacket! thanks for thisboth my size, my sport coat collection double today
I never go out on saturdays,but,well These I paid up for ($40 a piece) and am extremely happy to own. I've seen others find recent EZ stuff and it was at the top of the list for myself. I'm guessing the darker jacket is an orphan? One of the snaps pulled through the fabric on this but should be fixable. First time handling something from this brand I like it
Not bottom dollar e-thrifting but some deals NWT WWM chore coat XL $85 obo NWT Ervell sport coat at 2013 Gilt prices I think they have a 44 too Yohji Yamamoto brown hiking boots, I think these would be a US12? NWT WWM plaid shirt L $25 NWT WWM cardigan L $35 obo i think they have XL too This is about to end but should get relisted, black but pretty sure its Boglioli $21
I think earlier this year there was a b&s classifieds listing for a pair of Aldens similar to those.
stuff ending in less than 24 hours 9/2 RRL brown/tan striped long sleeve shirt L Jack Spade green/tan plaid brushed cotton utility shirt L Everlane light blue 100% linen long sleeve shirt L Dunderdon charchoal short sleeve chambray shirt M Billy Reid blue long sleeve jersey cotton polo shirt slim XL recent Ermenegildo Zegna blue striped Regular Fit dress shirt 16 1/2 MINT SUITSUPPLY blue textured slim fit dress shirt 16-35 Thomas Mason fabric MINT SUITSUPPLY blue...
My username is from a Link Wray album. I have never played guitar or spoke the gospel.
The "only for Japan" is for laundering instructions. It wasn't made specific for that Japanese market. Awesome finds especially NWT Kamakura.
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