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Yesss this is the stuff I dream about thrifting right now. Albums I owned but am too cheap to pay up for now. Nice find!
After a couple weeks of thrift deprivation I was able to go this morning I went to one of those silly trade in stores you guys like to talk about and traded in a bunch of stuff. Got this Eidos Napoli flannel and a bunch of credit. Found this at a thrift and now am in the market for a headshell/cartridge. Dawww baby's first hi-fi
This was supposed to be a drunken post but now it's a hung over post. I went to a Mekons show last night and drunkenly waltzed past this. God bless rock n' roll. God bless America.
Its surprisingly not that uncommon for people to post stuff from brands that have little to no retailers in the country it was found. This one got me really excited to see someone find, stoked for you hopefully theres more to come. Some crazy ass finds this week can't wait to see what people dig up over the weekend.
^ Mt Rainer are you kidding me?!
Not likely I'll get to thrift this week so I thought I could share some of the LPs I've picked up over the last month or two. [[SPOILER]]
"Thats sick" is exactly what I said when I scrolled to it. @the2ndhandman has the coolest hauls.
@JFST Cenci pants are Valentini
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