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I didn't know the name before picking it up This is in no way sacrastic but the best way to part with it is through you right? Can a Savile Row women's piece do well?
Here is what I've picked up the last few weeks. Everything is N/A but I do have ALOT of stuff not photographed I'll be posting in the thrift trading thread. I couldn't put together a suit to save my life. Recent Zegnas, Caruso made RLBL peak lapels, unworn Indochino that fit beautifully all orphans. Not photographed are a RT 7 fold, and pair of black AE Macneils.please forgive how washed out these pics are [[SPOILER]]
I forgot to post these here early, so everything is ending in less than 24 hours vintage MINT Frostline vest L 60/40 backpacking hiking vintage MINT The North Face brown label small down vest dark beige 65/35 hiking NWT Vanishing Elephant suede western vest large sherpa Brioni white french cuff shirt 17 Large PERFECT WHITE SHIRT Steven Alan reverse seam blue check shirt medium light weight made in USA Steven Alan purple gingham shirt Large made in USA recent Gant...
I found a Huntsman piece for Daphne (Guinness) Niarchos today 0.o huge shouts out to two great posters who helped me navigate their respective cities! I've got sooo much to post again but I'm gonna wait a week til I'm home as I plan to keep thrifting on the way there.
I'm in rayxlui's city trying to thrift and I have no idea why. Awesome haul. I'm a day behind on the thread but it looks like everyone's still killing it.
ending 1/12 Brooks Brothers Supima cotton oxford fun shirt Small button down collar Hamilton 1883 oxford shirt made in USA fantastic construction 16 Borrelli Napoli blue french cuff shirt 17 L HANDMADE BEST QUALITY Ralph Lauren Purple Label white/green stripe shirt XXL made in Italy RLPL Ralph Lauren Purple Label end on end fabric shirt 18 RLPL made in Italy Ralph Lauren Purple Label end on end fabric shirt 18 RLPL made in Italy #2 Steven Alan reverse seam shirt M...
here is what I picked up this week. I forgot to photograph a Ricci for Aramis Paris shirt warning alot of pics in spoiler, everything N/A at this time [[SPOILER]]
Aight thanks. In the past few days I've picked up Zilli, Brioni, T&A, RLPL X 6, Borrelli lots more eventually I'll have time to post it.
Wrong place I know but you guys are fast. Coast label shirts are boglioli right?
AUCTIONS ENDING JAN. 6TH Vineyard Vines Murray Shirt L soft blue/yellow plaid Vineyard Vines Whale Shirt Medium soft orange/blue plaid Burberry Brit dark blue plaid shirt Large nova check details Burberry London button down collar shirt L soft blue plaid very handsome Burberry London shirt Large dark blue stripe pattern Etro Milano shirt blue/white stripe pattern 44 16 1/2 L HANDSOME spread collar vintage Hickey Freeman tweed Glen Spray topcoat HACKING POCKETS 44...
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