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Camp 7 is the good stuff. I've wanted one of their bags from this time period for along time now.
Those are labels I would not be able to constrain myself with either. I'm excited to see what you pick up.
^ please do! I'm in need of a slim pair with 32 waist.
$155 shipped 40R Kiton SC (hole)
Damn phone browsing
I want one of the big 40ozesque bottles of Chang so bad right now.
Everything in this haul is amazing but my god that fleck Zegna and the birdseye Couture XXX are soo handsome.
Another Buttero question. Are the tanino naturale something released every season? Anyone know of a webshop that has them?
Damn auto correct NWT oldstock
^ ranging from $7-$10 net old stock that is. Also some BB made in USA but I know I'm grabbing those
New Posts  All Forums: