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[[SPOILER]] Those LVC's are a really nice fit did you have them tailored?
Can't wait to see more of these LA hauls. I think its so cool you guys network. That feel when i have no thrift bros.
Jackpot in my eyes. And I dont think it is a repo. Those white paperish tags are something I've noticed repos lack.Also does it say 40R on that tag? If so should keep working on your other one and trade that one to me
Everything LVC I've owned is loaded with manufacturer tags. I had a raw LVC trucker and it had alot of tags stitched into the vertical hems. Vintage Big E will be made in the USA. Side note if anyone is looking to buy a Levis trucker the best I've ever handled was the mainline Levis selvedge trucker they made last year (maybe this year too). Retailed around $200. Much heavier denim than LVC and cut a little longer than LVC/vintage.
Camp 7 is the good stuff. I've wanted one of their bags from this time period for along time now.
Those are labels I would not be able to constrain myself with either. I'm excited to see what you pick up.
^ please do! I'm in need of a slim pair with 32 waist.
$155 shipped 40R Kiton SC (hole)
Damn phone browsing
I want one of the big 40ozesque bottles of Chang so bad right now.
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