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^ so good KlobberI know at least Apolis and Pendelton have done collabs with Sierra Designs on that parka.
I'll get some measurements later tonight. I went to that auction around noon when it starts. The mannequins were in the furniture section of the auction which does not usually start until 5ish. I went back around 5 and it was going to be another 3 hours before they would have gotten to the mannequins so I said "nahhhh" and went home.
NWT Borrelli 16.5/42 available [[SPOILER]] vintage Alpine Designs parka size S looks unworn,funny how something like this popped up right after Nataku found a similar parka [[SPOILER]] my first Samuelson SC 40s really needs pressed, someone can have this for the $5 I paid for it [[SPOILER]] 2 pair of Bills Khakis M2 cut size 36 available [[SPOILER]] 80s Jansport leather bottoms backpack, who was looking for an older Jansport bag? [[SPOILER]]
Ebay guys. These will be at a local auction tomorrow and I'm gonna try and pick one up. Do mannequins come in different chest sizes? Is there a size you guys who use one prefer or do you just use pins?
Yep thats a killer find and great suggestion. I wasn't going to go thirft today but now ive got the itch.
Ebay Link LVC type III denim jacket M NWT vintage Banana Republic Safari & Travel hat vintage Abercrombie & Fitch suede made in Austria hat Zilli tie yellow Brioni shirt size III brown/blue micro-stripe Brioni shirt 17/43 Borrelli peach shirt 16.5 Brioni womens 100% cashmere shirt RLX wool trousers 32/32 J. Crew beaver embroidered trousers 34/30
Lol, I think I should have phrased my post a little better. When I said "Capnwes territory" I mean't the cufflink game. All my finds were in Michigan.
Venturing into Capnwes territory I found all of these at an independent thrift were everything is $1. If anyone sees anything they want let me know (or if you want details/closer pics). My intentions when I spotted them were to just include a set with sold or traded items. The mallard set is pretty handsome. [[SPOILER]] 2 Turnbull & Asser shirts- The white one I would have thought was recent but it has the old Neiman Marcus logo inside the placket size 15 1/2. The other is...
I think someone said in this thread earlier Lorenzini.
ick578- Congrats on the fantastic haul. Glad to hear alot of it is going into your waredrobe.Nataku knows infinite amounts more about gear then I but in my experience external frame packs can be hard to move. Especially external frame day packs. If you bought it for yourself I would say it is a bargain. I love the colors on that one.
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