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ending 1/26 NWOB New Balance Minimus 10 1/2 MT20 Vibram Allen Edmonds MacNeil 10 1/2 D black longwing made in USA Robert Talbott 7 fold dark red paisley tie limited to 40! heavy silk NWOT All Saints Oslo cream heavy chambray shirt MEDIUM metal buttons new with defects $120 All Saints blue Oslo chambray shirt Large metal buttons Willis & Geiger plaid flannel button down collar shirt Large SOFT blackwatch Orvis madras shirt size M cat eye buttons Paul Smith London...
First time finding one of these guys! Fantastic tailoring, I can see (feel) why people invest in it.
This is awesome. Gonna ditto the Ervell piece but I really wanna see a full shot of that Junya cutaway! Also jealous of your Marni find.
I sold a bape tee of this vintage a few months ago, you'll be glad you picked it up.
I think J Lindberg is behind this label and I think it's only a couple years old. I've never handled it in person those jackets look very nice and I too would have picked them up.
!!!!!Also ATLnoob, caseyfud & silverwarebandit- awesome finds!
Finally ventured out to my TJ Maxx this evening and found a yellow tagged Nike Gyakusou convertible jacket. Just a heads up to the guys who's local stores aren't that prosperous. This store isn't even in the same league as others I've been too.
Damn good finds all around, but soo much envy for that field coat/zegna!
Thanks! Looks like you're right. I had heard that name too don't know why I didn't search for that first.
I didn't know the name before picking it up This is in no way sacrastic but the best way to part with it is through you right? Can a Savile Row women's piece do well?
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