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Lol, I think I should have phrased my post a little better. When I said "Capnwes territory" I mean't the cufflink game. All my finds were in Michigan.
Venturing into Capnwes territory I found all of these at an independent thrift were everything is $1. If anyone sees anything they want let me know (or if you want details/closer pics). My intentions when I spotted them were to just include a set with sold or traded items. The mallard set is pretty handsome. [[SPOILER]] 2 Turnbull & Asser shirts- The white one I would have thought was recent but it has the old Neiman Marcus logo inside the placket size 15 1/2. The other is...
I think someone said in this thread earlier Lorenzini.
ick578- Congrats on the fantastic haul. Glad to hear alot of it is going into your waredrobe.Nataku knows infinite amounts more about gear then I but in my experience external frame packs can be hard to move. Especially external frame day packs. If you bought it for yourself I would say it is a bargain. I love the colors on that one.
Yeah thanks for this. Picked up a few things when the sale started and going to place another order now.
Yep. Last tip take the trains whenever possible. You'll have more room and its cheaper.
Its been 4 years but the guest house situation is nothing like advertised when I was there. If yours staying in Banglampoo (Khoasan Rd's neighborhood) places like this Sawadsee Inn were $16 a night. The only thing shared is the bathroom. You shouldn't have any trouble paying around that much for a private room because of the season.
I did the same. I hope you make it two months! Do go to Cambodia it was the highlight of my SE Asia trip.
How long are you going for? Ayutthaya is nice for a day and its only a hour or two north of Bangkok. It doesn't sound like you have the trip all planned yet,which is a good thing.
Looking for a raw or one wash denim jacket with somewhere around a 22"-23" ptp. Interested in all cuts but mostly type III. Corduroy collars are cool too. The brands in the title aren't all I am interested in.
New Posts  All Forums: