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Nataku- Score on the Miles and Ricky Nelson LPs.Randomore- Love that Stevie Wonder album.Hoping you post pics of these. I wouldn't have had been able to put damaged Attolini back on the rack, such a grail find congrats on what you did pick up.
CAPNWES- So stoked for you on that Leica. DM7- Can't wait to see your web shop. This thread is getting nuts with all the Hermes and Lobb popping up. I've been to busy to go out during the week but seeing everyones finds as of late I'm really looking forward to going out this weekend. Only finds I've had are a very nice pair of Danner boots in 11. Which is my size and I almost pulled the trigger on these new a couple of times but Im thankful I didn't as they aren't...
I had a decent weekend. I've been way to busy to thrift since classes started and these finds were much needed. Mostly available but only really look for SW&D items in trade. I will have a HUGE amount of shirts soon to offer at cost and a few imperfect older Oxxford suits also. After much butthurt and jealousy over everyone else's vest finds lately I picked this up. Fits like a glove. Sartoria Partenopea french cuff lavender shirt 15 3/4. unavailable for now. I think I...
Nataku- Awesome haul. That Demeulemeester shirt is gold as people go crazy over her prints. You going back to those spots to see if anything else is making its way to the floor? Eazy E- Congrats on the vintage North Face stuff. That last one is so cool with that corduroy collar! I've been so to busy to thrift since the semester started. The only things I've picked up were a couple of Kuhlman shirts and vintage made in USA Woolrich down jacket. Normally I pass on old...
amazing. great records like this never show up in quantities like this for me. Its always one at a time. Nicky Hopkins was one of the greatest session players ever and that record is fantastic. The range of 60s to 80s stuff makes me wonder when this person picked these up. Great taste whoever it was. [[SPOILER]]
EBAY LINK Barba 15.5 80% cotton 20% wool shirt Paul Smith London 16 shirt NWT A.P.C. new standards 32 NWT Borrelli 16.5 yellow vintage rubberized rain jacket/parka L Charvet Place Vendome 16.5 blue check stripes amazing Turnbull & Asser 15.5 french cuff shirt faint herringbone J. Crew selvedge chambray work shirt M Prada hidden placket 15.5 shirt NWT Gant by Michael Bastian oxford sport shirt Brioni blue micro stripe 16.5 shirt NWT Pal Zileri Concept tech blazer EU54 a...
I picked up this Despos the other day because I had seen them mentioned here a couple times. tagged 43R. great fabric. Available. Ill have measurements up later tonight and maybe a few more available SC I've picked up recently.
eazye-Good pick ups. Every home needs that Getz/Gilberto record. Thats my favorite Ahmad Jamal and I love that Isaac Hayes record. The cover of By The Time I Get to Phoenix has such a eerie vibe. Blew my mind the first time I played it.
Come to think of it all I've ever had of LVC was tops. With the price and how many they produce it would be nice to find out that the jeans are made in the U.S.
LVC uses Cone Mills denim from the US. Everything I've own from them has been made in Turkey.
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