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I went through this thread earlier this year and saw them mentioned and have passed on the same 2 twice now. Both were made in Canada and didn't seem that special. Should I be grabbing them?Uploading pics is taking forever this evening for some reason, but I picked up a few things this weekend:Prada hidden placket shirt. Heartbreakingly to slim for me. Would love to find something like this in my size.also:Brooks Brothers made in Italy suit from F03. Loro Piana fabric 3...
I found a pair of these last year. They still had a original $185 price tag on the bottom and I think they sold for just a bit north of that.
I hate selling imperfect items to this market. When it comes to my vintage workwear/outdoor items I do pretty well but with finer MC items it seems like the buyer will find an imperfection on an item I missed. I also just wanted to pass on deals. When I saw those AE yesterday I thought someone in the thrift thread would like these. I was thinking about contacting you about a pair of Mr Hares I picked up from the Mr Porter sale that didn't work out.
So I've been holding onto a group of shoes for awhile with the intentions of ebaying them. I've come to realize I'm never going to do that so if anyone wants these for the $5 I paid for them and can be patient with shipping you can have them.Allen Edmonds Orleans size 13Ascuffs [[SPOILER]] beat up pair of Alden longwings 13Cboth shoes have ripped lining on the heel [[SPOILER]] Charles Tyrwhitt 8 1/2 DRoyal Tweed by Cheaney cordovan UK 9 1/2DPolo single monk 9 1/2 D...
I did a little research and I think it was only Donna Karan Signature or Collection so it wouldn't have been a line high up enough to been St Andrews. I remember that comp tag from when I found a bunch of Sulka items. But yeah I've definitely got my eyes open for both of those lines now.
My favorite hence the username. I found a copy of The Beach Boys- Pets Sounds and Waylon Jennings-Ladies Love Outlaws today. Both I have been after for awhile. Also a Swamp Cats- S/T LP. I still have a bunch of LP mailers somewhere if any of you collectors want to trade records for clothes .I came across a salvation army today that had all clothing for $1. The only thing I found was a 100% linen unstructured Donna Karan SC that had a very recent Bergdof Goodman label. I've...
^ so good KlobberI know at least Apolis and Pendelton have done collabs with Sierra Designs on that parka.
I'll get some measurements later tonight. I went to that auction around noon when it starts. The mannequins were in the furniture section of the auction which does not usually start until 5ish. I went back around 5 and it was going to be another 3 hours before they would have gotten to the mannequins so I said "nahhhh" and went home.
NWT Borrelli 16.5/42 available [[SPOILER]] vintage Alpine Designs parka size S looks unworn,funny how something like this popped up right after Nataku found a similar parka [[SPOILER]] my first Samuelson SC 40s really needs pressed, someone can have this for the $5 I paid for it [[SPOILER]] 2 pair of Bills Khakis M2 cut size 36 available [[SPOILER]] 80s Jansport leather bottoms backpack, who was looking for an older Jansport bag? [[SPOILER]]
Ebay guys. These will be at a local auction tomorrow and I'm gonna try and pick one up. Do mannequins come in different chest sizes? Is there a size you guys who use one prefer or do you just use pins?
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