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+1 sooo much killer.
II don't even want to look. I saw his Moncler, Cabourn,LVC stuff too late in the LuxeSwap thread id imagine thats gotten listed today. Who'm I kiddin Im gonna look right now.
Good tips, I looked into it a bit more and I think the "Hermes Paris" being on the keeper confirms it as fake. They are from the same thrift along with a couple recent Zegna, Talbott BOC, Holland & Sherry and Canali ties :/
Either all three of these are shell or none of them. Definitely weight more than average. The brown long wings have white waxiness. The black pair have florsheim branded trees. N/A yet And any discrepancies with these two? The tie on the left has the "watermark" on the other side of the small blade with the model #. The tie on the right does not and is a different weave than any other I've found but I think I've seen similar ones posted. N/A Lastly found this...
http://m.ebay.com/search?cmd=SREF&kw=seller%253Aaikomsakar&pgn=1&sellerId=aikomsakar Not that confident in the link but this sellers got 10 or so older (better?) Borrelli shirts some with wear going for $20-$40 BIN shipping included that might be worth the investment. Size 16.
2 1/2 days left on these (and more) forgot to post them earlier vintage Danner mountain light 11D vibram soles fantastic condition vintage Red Wing boots 10 1/2D lined inside 877? fantastic condition my favorite tweed Brooks Brothers tweed sport coat made in Italy beautiful color/pattern 42R Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece suit 41L/35W handsome fabric pattern Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald seersucker suit 40R/34W mother of pearl buttons Polo Ralph Lauren 100% wool pants...
I'm thinking its a Pendleton tag. But not an expert at these things.
I had never been in an All Saints until earlier this week. I heard nothing but bad things about it but I was actually really into their basics, sweaters and non-leather outerwear. I passed on everything thinking I could go home and find it on ebay going cheaper but nope, it holds value. Just a heads up for you guys if you see it in a thrift and are unsure. And I'd love to talk to anyone holding onto some men's in stuff in the M/L sizes Ive been hitting lots of stores but...
Ian Erikson- aren't you in Ann Arbor now? If you are you have arguably the best record store in the Midwest downtown, Encore. ask around there if anyone has pieces they would like to get rid of or know someone who does. Be aware that some of the USB turntables have plastic styluses that just eat records.
NWT Drakes of London 100% silk tie very nice woven pattern NWT Salvatore Ferragamo tie orange with martini print beautiful 100% silk Salvatore Ferragamo tie woven texture VERY THICK navy 100% silk Gieves & Hawkes tie red/navy repp stripe very nice! very rare! Savile Row these are soo nice Ralph Lauren Black Label green goat suede pants 32R RLBL beautiful fully lined! Polo Ralph Lauren 48L sport coat made in Italy silk/wool beautiful light blue! NWT mens Rag & Bone...
New Posts  All Forums: