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All this record talk and my only finds today were recordsParliament Live 2xLP with t shirt iron on transfer "take funk to heaven in 77"with all the copies of this that have past through my hands this is the first with a posterI have to echo going to record shows. I have also had a lot of success at live auctions though haven't been to one in a couple years.here are some better pics of the M-1943 that I think Runyourchain was looking for I forgot to upload the photo of the...
ending Sunday 2/9 leaning more towards SW&D but I don't think they have a thread Vineyard Vines yellow golf print tie HANDSOME made in USA Ralph Lauren Purple Label purple geometric pattern tie RLPL Zegna Sport XL sweater knit striped hoodie grey/white SOFT John Smedley XL sea island cotton v neck woven shirt made in England SOFT KNIT Comme des Garcons X H&M colorblock shirt XL Richard Chai plaid button up shirt Medium made in New York cool shoulder details Levis...
YESSS I got to spend a day at Joshua Tree a little over a month ago.Beautiful place and another reason to be jealous of you SoCal guys. Not to derail the thread much but another oneAndrew Molera Park Big Sur at sunrise a reason to be jelly of you Bay Area guys.
Kinda ironic with Evil Abed's post today. I picked these up today. The toe was saying "don't buy" but picked them up anyway. Anyone recognize the maker? If they are just really well made Kenneth Cole's I'm out 12 mcchickens.
Will do! It's still got all the text on the inside. I'll shoot better pics soon.
Just found this m-1943. Value seems kinda across the board but I have to say it is the most detailed military garment I've ever found. Last stop too after a pretty lame run.
ending 2/2 Turnbull & Asser french cuff shirt 16 1/2 navy thin stripe shirt ELEGANT Turnbull & Asser recent end of end shirt 16 1/2 triple barrel cuff CLASSIC Turnbull & Asser 16 1/2 orange herringbone fabric shirt HANDSOME recent Ermenegildo Zegna pink/blue light plaid shirt 16 comfort fit HANDSOME Barba Napoli blue multi stripe shirt 15 3/4 ELEGANT dual collar button Hermes Paris button down collar shirt 16 1/2 metal cuff buttons green/purple Hermes Paris button...
Nat you might be a little crazy yourself. If that Piccolo shirt were 16/16.5 I would have bought it just now. Seriously a thread member needs to jump on that!
Better photos of my Isaia find from the other day [[SPOILER]] also someone end my torture and buy this lothttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Brioni-Borrelli-Carven-Dolce-Gabbana-Luciano-Barbera-Paul-Smith-shirts-/221360716990?pt=US_Men_s_Dress_Shirts&hash=item338a207cbebut sell me the Barba and Carven
This what I was thinking. I remember watching a documentary on Savile Row and Ozwald was wearing a jacket of that cut. He probably went through someone's archives and modernized something he liked. Looks awesome on the right person And is a cool find.
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