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LOL @ silverwarebandit's haul. Every frickin piece is awesome no filler there.
APC rue madame paris shirt L detachable collar mother of pearl buttons Cifonelli mens yellow dress shirt XL mother of pearl buttons beautiful fabric vintage Chipp NYC mens oxford shirt 16-33 TRAD prep J Press mens shirt 42-83 M snap-tab collar very handsome
^ I've always the loved stitching detail on those. I just wish they put it on the slim fit model. I'd like to find a new pair of those and have them tailored down rrl denim wears sooo nicely.
snagged a dual layer a shirt Sunday evening. Love that contrasting pocket tee and "still" tee. Did I see you comment somewhere on a denim LS shirt? I'd love to see one of those pop up in a 50.
hooker4186- awesome finds! That B Sons sweater Creep shirt are great. The Gerry vest is a beauty as well.
My vote is UK. I found a pair a year or so ago mark 9 1/2. I'm usually an 11 and they fit well.
Instagram users what your names there. I had it earlier this year and got bored with it. having some clothing/thrift people to follow would make it much more enticing.
This is a Gant rugger indigo Oxford isn't it? The 2/3 placket is a throw back. The loop button detail is on Pendleton shirts but on the top button as you probably know. I think it's just the lines use of vintage details rather than "period correctness".
thriftydood I almost always skip SS shirts unless I'm finding a lot of good stuff in one store. I think you've inspired me look more often. Awesome stuff.
If you guys have a Saks Off Fifth Outlet in your area it might be worth your time to pop in today. Yesterday atleast they were running a sale were if you bought 1 clearance item you got 2 of lesser value. I picked up a pair of APC trousers and 2 HF shirts for $80. Maybe it's a sale they do regularly I don't know as I'm usually not in the area of one. At the very least you can pick up some skeet blanks for the flippage.
New Posts  All Forums: