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Rocky Mountain Feather Bed found in a thrift is amazing, Acronym found in a thrift is on another level. Congrats to the both of you.
vintage Carter selvedge denim union made coat no tagged size, medium fit Maison Martin Margiela long parka US40 NWT NWT Belvest 100% linen sport coat US42R vintage Alan Paine shetland sweater brown size 42
[[SPOILER]] Looking through your ebay now. Not only do you get amazing makers but everything is a desirable piece in popular sizes. Can't wait to see your E. Tautz and Bastian pick ups. Someday I wish to have the buying power or a Eddievddr/Spoo/DM7.
This is the really the only Rag & Bone piece I've ever found desirable, but like you I wish it fit medium!
^ I'm not normally one to comment on fit pics but I really like the tie,shirt,belt & pant colors going on there GMMcL.
Consolidation of the little bit of thrifting I've gotten to do over the last month.vintage Alan Paine shetland sweater 42 mint. available [[SPOILER]] older Brooks Brothers DB blazer 46L.available (forgive the unaesthetic pics) [[SPOILER]] older Brooks Brothers tux 46L. available [[SPOILER]] Polo SC made in Italy but not Corneliani silk 46L or 48L. available [[SPOILER]] vintage Gant madras SC no tagged size fits like 42R ish. available [[SPOILER]] Banana Republic Heritage...
Late on this but damn is it awesome. I can tell there are some patches but is the back piece printed on?
I've seen some talk about Neiman Marcus Last Call in here before. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up (if it wasn't already posted) that today is the second and last day of their Thanksgiving sale, everything is 40% off. If I did not have obligations today it would be bye bye bank account.
I myself would pick up that Rag & Bone blazer to flip. Those NSW chinos were a good pick up on your part in my eyes.
Yep, as expected its a beauty.
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