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Nice! I had to leave behind a copy a couple months ago (unplayable). I had never heard them but like good clothes good albums have their tells. Looked it up later and it's on my want list for sure. I've got all day to thrift tomorrow and I think I'm most excited to dig through records.
This label on a pair of pants would mean reverse orphan right? Also picked up these 2 today. I've found Doug Sahm before but this one has "It's gonna be easy" made popular by East Bound & Down And NWOB Oak Street Bootmakers beef rolls Alden shell full strap loafers
I haven't found anything Maus & Hoffman in along time but a lot of their stuff retails really high because they use good makers. Post a pic of the manufactures tag.
just listed ending sunday 2/23 Sulka made in Italy french cuff shirt 17-35 light blue/bronze multi stripe Vineyard Vines end on end blue shirt 17 1/2 100s 2-ply Paul Stuart purple windowpane shirt 17 1/2-35 beautiful fabric french cuff vintage Orvis pale yellow chamois shirt L hunting Bills Khakis M2 speckle tweed pants 34x32 made in USA brown flat front NWT Barbour 100% wool fisherman sweater navy C48 XL CLASSIC Brooks Brothers made in Italy (Lardini) houndstooth...
just listed ending 2/20 RRL Ranch fit jeans 29X33 beige selvedge denim made in USA SLIM 3sixteen ST-100X 36X32 selvedge jeans NO WEAR SLIM 3sixteen ST-120X 36X32 Shadow selvedge jeans SLIM denim 3sixteen ST-200X 36X32 black two-tone selvedge jeans SLIM NO WEAR 3sixteen SL-220X 36X32 double black jeans SLIM NO WEAR
!!!! Awesome find!
My feelings exactly! My first couple years in this thread I was able to do a lot of stuff at cost,proxy, trades. I have a growing corner of my closet that's stuff that will eventually go to the trade thread but it's not top tier stuff as I feel I need to get maximum profit out of those finds for a couple more months.
just listed ending next sunday 2 /16 Forme D'Expression black hidden placket 2 button coat gradient pockets NWT Patrik Ervell FW12 Knit Baseball jacket L grey/charcoal McNairy Brothers green canvas motorcycle jacket medium Mark McNairy New York Unis Gio 32x34 light brown (vintage khaki) pants chinos HANDSOME! Unis Gio 32x34 bright carmel pants chinos HANDSOME! Unis Gio 32x34 olive green pants chinos HANDSOME! NWT Faconnable flat front pants 34 unhemmed chocolate...
I payed almost 40 dollar menu items a pop for these. If any of you guys are a 36x32 and have something similar to these in 33ishx32 let me know otherwise N/A. Indigo,double black,shadow (only ones with evidence of being worn,no creases just worn edges) and grey or black two-tone I'm not sure yet Also in the past few weeks I've picked up a ton of nice BB SCs one being a 46L one being a flannel triple patch pocket Regent I'm gonna offer to the thread as soon as I get some...
All this record talk and my only finds today were recordsParliament Live 2xLP with t shirt iron on transfer "take funk to heaven in 77"with all the copies of this that have past through my hands this is the first with a posterI have to echo going to record shows. I have also had a lot of success at live auctions though haven't been to one in a couple years.here are some better pics of the M-1943 that I think Runyourchain was looking for I forgot to upload the photo of the...
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