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Greenbush is a south-western michigan brewery I've heard great things about but have yet to pick anything up from or make the trip to. I'm in South Bend,IN which has everything 3F available and Prairie stuff (though it's not moving). As far as I know you'll have to cross over into Chicagoland to get anything Pipeworks. Jealous if you're going to Brewery Vivant! Chicago market gets it but we don't.
@ReubenR that swatch book is amazing! That was fun to look through thanks for photographing it. @eazye awesome haul, and gutted about the Alden's lol @drlivingston congrats on the ties and shirts and whatever may come next! @TheNeedMachine-drkshdw selvedge?! Crazy, is that the first Rick Owens find since DM7? @jdrizzy demeulemeester and dior,grails @capnwes- chipp tie is fantastic @tonylumpkin always amazed at the vintage/nos stuff you find Forgetting a lot but...
MMM and Junya finds within a couple post of each other, well done guys
Picked these up to share this weekend. Only saisons I've had are via Prairie Artisan. I'll be looking for imports this summer. Also loaded up on Daisy Cutter.
@Timmah those redwings look awesome! As do the longwings great finds You guys ever get indecisive on whether you just missed a lot of great stuff or if you should hang out at a store awhile? I had two little pants hauls at two spots and it left me wondering. (Apologies for the pic quality) 4 x incotex chino lino 4 x isaia Also found a custom Cappelli tie I had to pick up as I never find upper tier ties.
Ayyyy, now it's time to turn this place upside down
The Robert Stack photo in the wallet gave me hearty gut laughter
Thread first? N/A ATM
+1 thats an opportune situation I hope to find myself in someday.
Nice! What was the high dollar 45? Highest value record I ever possessed was a Kath Bloom LP that sold for about half that.
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