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Still have not tired of this beer. I had a pitcher of it at a local redneck bar this summer for $8. This bottle happens to be 6 days old.
I can't really give any info on the brand or know whether it's even desirable or not but check out this early Marmot label passed on last year (it was worn hard 60/40 parka I used to pick up every piece of early hiking gear I could find. Eventually it either wouldn't sell well or I didn't use it so I stopped. I don't think I'm gonna pass on much of that stuff anymore.
Public shout out to @eazye for hooking it up on his end of a trade with! After leaving an orphan earlier this year I'm pretty happy to find a full suit by this maker.
My mind is blown that I now know of atleast two people who have thrifted BBS. @Mr. Moo didn't I read somewhere on the forum you thrifted a Guidi bag? @mistermidwester those tees are fantastic!
Shop down the street from me has Puncheon, the Mikkeller collab, Prairie Hop, Funky Galaxy, sixers of Birra and I think something else... they've been there all summer except the Prairie Hop. I've been to intimidated to spend the money on them when I still have (had) so many other lower price point beers the average poster in this thread has had. I had a few Half Acre Heyokas over the weekend. I love this brewery. Really need to hit their taproom next time I'm in town.
A few years ago the store Opening Ceremony did a collaboration with Levis and they put out basically a reissue of this jacket. I've found one before,while it doesn't date back far enough to make it super desirable it's still a pretty cool find.
I haven't been able to thrift much for the past few months aside from the store a couple blocks from me due to taking a new job. Its been trying to say the least. Love keeping up with the thread though too many good finds lately to even start mentioning them. A couple things I have been able to pick up though: Emanuele Maffeis linen shirt. A new to me maker (might be good for you e-thrifters looking for personal items) has some damage thought I'd show it off before I take...
Greenbush is a south-western michigan brewery I've heard great things about but have yet to pick anything up from or make the trip to. I'm in South Bend,IN which has everything 3F available and Prairie stuff (though it's not moving). As far as I know you'll have to cross over into Chicagoland to get anything Pipeworks. Jealous if you're going to Brewery Vivant! Chicago market gets it but we don't.
@ReubenR that swatch book is amazing! That was fun to look through thanks for photographing it. @eazye awesome haul, and gutted about the Alden's lol @drlivingston congrats on the ties and shirts and whatever may come next! @TheNeedMachine-drkshdw selvedge?! Crazy, is that the first Rick Owens find since DM7? @jdrizzy demeulemeester and dior,grails @capnwes- chipp tie is fantastic @tonylumpkin always amazed at the vintage/nos stuff you find Forgetting a lot but...
MMM and Junya finds within a couple post of each other, well done guys
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