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A Brioni, my first Borrelli tie and my first Bijan RRL but non-selvedge??
Haven't participated much with finds in along time, had a good (and cheap!) day today. Here are some pics in "I'm running late for dinner" quality. [[SPOILER]]
Got some good finds to post this evening. Went out for drinks last night and saw this in the pubs menu
@Takai- your SW&D spot is incredible! The Vovk pieces and the The Viridi Anne pieces have been some of my favorites.
Orphan, but this ones been along time comin. $3.
@Cj52racers- good to see an Indy thrifter here! I know someone ragged on it a couple days ago but keep hitting the good (and run down) spots and you'll turn up some Brioni/Isaia and some surpising SW&D stuff!
Jesus the last few pages have been great. leftofthedials JC Penny's chambray was my personal uniform for a good long while (not in prison). Those things age nicely. PLaydice that Polo Country leather is soo rad your finds are always fun to look through. Haven't gone out much, hopefully later this month I'll be able to able to thrift in full force. I am realllly happy to cross this designer off my list looks like I deleted the full length shot but it's a heavy army green...
H Huntsman & Sons Savile Row navy double breasted chesterfield coat 42 MINT 38 other auctions up at the moment ending tonight/Sunday/next Wednesday
Absolutely dead day until this stop
First thrift day for me in a loooong time today Fav pick up: Is this a generic tag or exclusively Brioni? I feel like it's supposed to have "B" next to the size.
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