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^ I've always the loved stitching detail on those. I just wish they put it on the slim fit model. I'd like to find a new pair of those and have them tailored down rrl denim wears sooo nicely.
snagged a dual layer a shirt Sunday evening. Love that contrasting pocket tee and "still" tee. Did I see you comment somewhere on a denim LS shirt? I'd love to see one of those pop up in a 50.
hooker4186- awesome finds! That B Sons sweater Creep shirt are great. The Gerry vest is a beauty as well.
My vote is UK. I found a pair a year or so ago mark 9 1/2. I'm usually an 11 and they fit well.
Instagram users what your names there. I had it earlier this year and got bored with it. having some clothing/thrift people to follow would make it much more enticing.
This is a Gant rugger indigo Oxford isn't it? The 2/3 placket is a throw back. The loop button detail is on Pendleton shirts but on the top button as you probably know. I think it's just the lines use of vintage details rather than "period correctness".
thriftydood I almost always skip SS shirts unless I'm finding a lot of good stuff in one store. I think you've inspired me look more often. Awesome stuff.
If you guys have a Saks Off Fifth Outlet in your area it might be worth your time to pop in today. Yesterday atleast they were running a sale were if you bought 1 clearance item you got 2 of lesser value. I picked up a pair of APC trousers and 2 HF shirts for $80. Maybe it's a sale they do regularly I don't know as I'm usually not in the area of one. At the very least you can pick up some skeet blanks for the flippage.
More pics of yesterdays finds. Pics are from my phone so not the best. Concerning the Ralph Lauren Collection jacket thanks LeSacre. Its content tags are like that of purple label and well they are purple haha. BB seersucker suit 40R/34W (available) Paul Stuart tux shirt size 15 (requires 3 studs), 2 old BB Makers made in the US size 16, Polo Country shirt size S (all available) Acne Jeans,Acne Studio,RRL (none available) Corneliani made Polo wool trousers x2 (not...
20 something items from one store but my laptop is not charging at the moment and don't feel like doing all the finds from my phone. The amount of quality items found at this store made me venture over to the women's side (which I will be doing a lot more of). This Ralph Lauren Collection is the equivalent of men's purple label right? Also found: BB 1818 Fitzgerald seersucker suit RLBL reverse orphan I'm thinking trousers (size 33R EazyE are you missing a pair of...
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