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This is the majority of what I've picked up over the last 7 days. All true thrift I think the most I paid for an item was $10 and the most I paid for a shirt was $8 (a J Crew denim shirt not pictured). Most of the SW&D stuff is from one store I'd been to many times before and it was just a good timing situation. I've made the 30 mile trip a couple more times since then and not much else has turned up but the surround spots have made up for it. Unfortunately everything is...
Gitman vintage, Topo Designs, Imogene & Willie, Shipley & halmos, Baldwin, Saturdays, Ovadia & Sons, WWM,RRL Might have to be a loitering weirdo for a bit
First spot and I've already got handfuls of stuff, TGIF everyone
NWT Supreme and not pictured is my favorite find in along time to be posted later Owe some people some PMs and am excited to catch up on the thread!
A Brioni, my first Borrelli tie and my first Bijan RRL but non-selvedge??
Haven't participated much with finds in along time, had a good (and cheap!) day today. Here are some pics in "I'm running late for dinner" quality. [[SPOILER]]
Got some good finds to post this evening. Went out for drinks last night and saw this in the pubs menu
@Takai- your SW&D spot is incredible! The Vovk pieces and the The Viridi Anne pieces have been some of my favorites.
Orphan, but this ones been along time comin. $3.
@Cj52racers- good to see an Indy thrifter here! I know someone ragged on it a couple days ago but keep hitting the good (and run down) spots and you'll turn up some Brioni/Isaia and some surpising SW&D stuff!
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