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Yeah those GellersXLevis get listed on ebay regularly around the $300-$500 range. I don't think they fetch that much but definitely worth picking up.
Woowww you were on the money with the wash instructions being printed on the pocket bag. Super grateful for the info @double00! shocked and at the same time I shouldn't be as the thrift thread has specialist for everything. Here are some more pics the backside of the rivets seem to be the same the front just silver. Apologies for the quality but the maybe I'm wrong about the backside of the button it looks more like an exclamation point and a 5?
I found some good stuff today and was ecstatic when I found these at my last stop. After looking around on the internet a guide says these only fetch $60. The few on ebay at the moment don't seem to me true vintage. Anyone ever had a pair of these? 502/Big E/scovil zipper/I think the back of the button says 15 or 16?
Nothing branded or embellished and preferable nothing too delicate as I'm kinda rough on clothes at work. I'm thinking something like an EG Bedford or Arpenteur Mayenne without having to be those brands.
Anyone holding onto any casual black sport coats in L or 42? As taboo of garment as they might be to the MC I unfortunately need a few for work. Hoping for something without much structure like Barena, Engineered Garments, Arpenteur, or LVC might make without having to be as sought after brands. Not opposed to light chore coats, cardigans, knit sport coat hybrid things either. Can trade clothes, records, cash possible.
Not sure what it might say but it's the Kauro Betto shirt as worn in The Bug Lebowski
For real, if Chet passes I'd try and come up with a trade for that. You always have sick finds but the about older Helmut you've found is commendable @aging in rhythm
Items ending wednesday 1/27 Ralph Lauren Purple Label blue plaid long sleeve shirt XL Italy RLPL Bamford & Sons beige long sleeve shirt cashmere/cotton XL Italy New England Shirt Co blue/gold/green plaid long sleeve shirt L made in USA Gitman Vintage camo pattern long sleeve button down shirt M made in USA Patrik Ervell burgundy donegal tweed Unstructured Blazer FW09 patch pocket 40 Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece charcoal stripe 3/2 roll suit 38S $2100 USA Zilli...
Had my first thrift run since October today. Found some good stuff but really just wanted to post this potential e-thrift http://m.ebay.com/itm/7-Item-Combo-Engineered-Garments-Left-Field-NYC-Warehouse-RRL-Gitman-Vintage-/291660328592?nav=SEARCH $22 an item isn't so bad for the right person @rhyme that NWT haul is insane. Super jealous of the geller pieces and happy to hear you're keeping some for yourself.
way late but awesome haul, love that The Jam double and super jealous of the Decline LP!
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