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I need some help with these is that "JR" stamp on the sole unique to Vass?
items ending in 4 days here are the highlights maybe my favorite item this week Raleigh Denim light weight denim jacket S over-dyed indigo sashiko? NO WEAR Blue Blue Japan indigo long sleeve pocket helney shirt 3/L $230 Mr. Porter Norse Projects X Elka orange rain coat parka M NWT Gitman Vintage charcoal rip stop shirt jacket L made in USA $210 NWOT Knickerbocker Mfg. Co chambray Service shirt M made in USA $185 Post Imperial indigo pencil stripe Standard long...
Thread first?I still have some stuff to photograph but here is a jumble mix of most stuff from February and last week [[SPOILER]]
Found a Huntsman topcoat made for fashion philanthropist and heiress to the Guinness fortune Daphne Guinness in LA about three years ago.
Exactly thanks @txwoodworker that London House label is difficult to explain. Just like London tailors like Henry Poole or Anderson & Sheppard if you went into their shop today (or web store) you could buy "haberdashery" (ties,pocket squares). But if you want a tailored garment there it is bespoke. I'm sure you looked @goneAWOL but it doesn't have a white tag inside one of the inner pockets like a bespoke sport coat? The fact it doesn't have the "Rubinacci" or "Mariano...
I don't think this was ever quoted. $2.99 bespoke Rubinacci WTF! Vintage T&A grenadine (I think) for $22 shipped
A couple e-thrifts this one automatically accepted my $22.00 offer I wonder what the bottom dollar was :/ Bergdorf Goodman 100% Silk Tie Skinny/Preppy/Hipster/Couture/Madmen $195 NWT and this lot came in already the TB is in great condition Lot Mens Calvin Klein Black Cotton Striped Crew Neck Button Down Shirt Small
If you have a Barneys Outlet near you they are having 75% off their clearance until Wednesday I believe. It started last Thursday so it's been picked and picked over again but I bought a Chistopher Raeburn bomber for $69, Kiton shantung ties for $26 and Simon Miller tees for $20. I saw Cifonelli moto jackets for around $170, MMM linen suit for around $200, and a pair Hender Scheme Prestos for around $120 (size 6.5 and one shoe was a display which had started to tan). It...
Hopeful it's still salvageable for you though! Even with the alterations no way I would have passed it up in a thrift. He makes beautiful clothing and because it's carried in only a few stores it's a rare and sick find.
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