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Exactly thanks @txwoodworker that London House label is difficult to explain. Just like London tailors like Henry Poole or Anderson & Sheppard if you went into their shop today (or web store) you could buy "haberdashery" (ties,pocket squares). But if you want a tailored garment there it is bespoke. I'm sure you looked @goneAWOL but it doesn't have a white tag inside one of the inner pockets like a bespoke sport coat? The fact it doesn't have the "Rubinacci" or "Mariano...
I don't think this was ever quoted. $2.99 bespoke Rubinacci WTF! Vintage T&A grenadine (I think) for $22 shipped
A couple e-thrifts this one automatically accepted my $22.00 offer I wonder what the bottom dollar was :/ Bergdorf Goodman 100% Silk Tie Skinny/Preppy/Hipster/Couture/Madmen $195 NWT and this lot came in already the TB is in great condition Lot Mens Calvin Klein Black Cotton Striped Crew Neck Button Down Shirt Small
If you have a Barneys Outlet near you they are having 75% off their clearance until Wednesday I believe. It started last Thursday so it's been picked and picked over again but I bought a Chistopher Raeburn bomber for $69, Kiton shantung ties for $26 and Simon Miller tees for $20. I saw Cifonelli moto jackets for around $170, MMM linen suit for around $200, and a pair Hender Scheme Prestos for around $120 (size 6.5 and one shoe was a display which had started to tan). It...
Hopeful it's still salvageable for you though! Even with the alterations no way I would have passed it up in a thrift. He makes beautiful clothing and because it's carried in only a few stores it's a rare and sick find.
@bert9000 I don't know what to think about that schneider piece. It looks like someone tried to turn it into a Thom Browne cardigan at home.
I've been meaning to do a photo dump of the last few months of finds. Today blew most of what I've found this winter away so I thought I'd do a quick post before that A&S haul coming. All but two of the suits started out as orphans. The pants were in various places throughout the store. PPU: $9.72 [[SPOILER]]
The thrifts may be empty and full of grails right now but I had the day off and would rather be down here
I've got a bunch to post from my last few trips but one thing I'm really excited to post for the guys who like vintage outdoor gear like me. I've never seen another like it. Exterior belt, down filled,crunchy outer fabric,packable hood.
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