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The thrifts may be empty and full of grails right now but I had the day off and would rather be down here
I've got a bunch to post from my last few trips but one thing I'm really excited to post for the guys who like vintage outdoor gear like me. I've never seen another like it. Exterior belt, down filled,crunchy outer fabric,packable hood.
One of you guys get this E Tautz jacket please http://m.ebay.com/itm/E-Tautz-of-Savile-Row-Olive-Green-Bespoke-Vintage-Mint-1963-Ticking-Pocket-42-R-/282182801256?nav=SEARCH Wait is that you @concealed ?
http://m.ebay.com/itm/Boglioli-Taupe-Herringbone-3-Button-Mens-Suit-Jacket-IT-54-US-44-Large-/401185742705?nav=SEARCH $45 Boglioli for a euro 54
@silverwarebandit @rhyme there was a navy oxxford crest orphan jacket spotted yesterday afternoon if you actually got two pair of trousers another jacket might still be there now.
Tom Ford pop
Not much time to thrift these days but one of my favorite stores was having a sidewalk sale that happened to be on a day off last week. Suits were 3 for $25. Not pictured are a handful of Breur ties that were 4 for $2 and some Brooks Brothers slim fit Supima MIUSA shirts that were 3 for $5. Also not pictured is a killer Kilgour, Stanbury, French special order suit that is Savile quality that I will take pics of eventually. suits,pants not pictured my...
In typical lateness and rule breaking fashion I finally got this listed. Apologies Spoo hopefully I can still participate. NWT Drakes London purple grenadine tie BEAUTIFUL #forbrian
NWT Eidos Napoli slate blue/white 100% linen tie GORGEOUS NWT Drakes London blue large paisley pattern 100% madder silk tie NWT Drakes London purple/green medallion pattern 100% silk tie NWT Drakes London navy/yellow paisley pattern 100% silk tie NWT Drakes London navy/beige plaid 100% cashmere tie NWT Drakes London green/beige plaid 100% cashmere tie NWT Duchamp London red/green/navy dot pocket square 11 1/2" X 11 1/2" NWT Duchamp London blue/red dot pocket square...
Picked up these 6 ties at an outlet store today for $100. Eidos is linen 6 or 7 fold the plaid Drake's are cashmere. Something out of these and some more I plan to buy tomorrow are going to be used in the #ForBrian which I don't think I liked the initial post like I was supposed to Spoo but wanted to let you know I'll be participating in.
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