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The hole in my gums from my tooth extraction is healing well, so in a few days I can eat actual food for the first time in a while. Maybe I'll gain back the few lbs I lost this week, next week.
I really wish I had both contacts or a back up pair of glasses and that my eye doctor would be open more then 3 days a week.
I wear a tux to class everyday. Why won't women talk to me?
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy Go out an buy some ties immediately. $1-2 a thrift stores, $7-15 at Burlingtons, Marshalls, etc. I have the day off so I was planning on doing that, I'm horrible with colors so I need to find out what will go with my shirts and the suit. I'm a very small guy, 5'5'' 120 lbs, so I think a skinny tie would work best, a regular tie would look too large. Any thoughts?
What would be a good shirt/tie combo for this gray suit? Most my dress shirts are blue, and I don't have a tie yet. I'm just now building up my professional wardrobe, I need to buy some more shirts and ties.
Jcrew is good about making pants and shorts in a 28 unlike most companies. I mostly wear kids clothes to find a 28. Zara has some that are around a 29, I'm not sure the exact size but they're a little big.
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