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I don't believe in paying for things, I just steal them.
I'm sure there aren't any fans of American eagle here, I only like a few things they have had over the years. But I like the look of their peacoat. I went around a few malls yesterday trying to find a peacoat that fits and nothing did. I tried on a small from express and it was still a little big. The only thing I can find for under 200 that will fit is the xs in the AE peacoat.
I never carry cash, just a debit card.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover I wouldn't say it's too big, it is borderline but still looks nice on you. Thank you. I'm 5'5'' 120 lbs, if my measurements are correct my chest is about 34'' and my waist is 28''.
I have the hardest time finding good quality/style clothes that fit well. I mostly wear Boys 16-18 but have bought a few xs in adult and I'm wondering if they are still to big? Also can anyone recommend any good brands of children clothes? So far I've found Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers and Joseph abboud to be the best. In the pictures I have on a xs Banana Republic silk/cashmere sweater and Zara charcoal dress pants but I'm not sure if they fit well.
Quote: Originally Posted by drdk It doesn't fit that bad. Show us yours! I just put it on with my new tie to take a picture and the top button came off.
If his suit doesn't fit well I'm afraid to ask for a critique of my first suit.
It was 81 today, I hate the south.
I want to buy a pea coat for the first time. I usually where a large in children's and I don't have a lot of money. Anyone know of a good boys pea coat under 200? And If I find one, should I go for navy or a different color?
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